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Cauley Square Tea Room

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12310 SW 224th St, Miami, FL 33170, USA 305 258-0044 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Anonymous


      The only reason to go here is for the decor - which is lovely, musty, old Florida style - but the food is terrible, servers act like they're doing you a favor, and the 'tea' is just standard black. Don't get the finger sandwiches.

    • seamus backstell


      Just all around bad, lacking in any kind of customer service

    • Miralys


      This is NOT a tea room! It looks like one, and the decor is nice but they only give you a pot of hot water and ONE teabag for YOU to simmer. They DON'T offer high tea or anything like that. They just have a regular restaurant menu; no finger sandwiches, scones or petit fours.

    • Terri


      Went there yesterday on a whim. Awesome service, food was very good. Pretty rooms. Would recommend it.

    • Local resident of Florida


      Greetings! I aniticipate having tea time at the Cauley Square tea Room! I hope to visit soon.

    • Madeline Harrington Fortuna


      We love Cauley Square Tea Room! It is the one special place in the area for a 'girl's' lunch and we go there often, especially when my daughters want an alone time with Mom. The food is dainty and different, light and delightful. We always wonder which of the special different rooms we will be seated in. The waitresses are lovely and we always have a memorable time. Their bathroom even has flowers! And don't even talk about the pie selection...

    • TTS


      As a young lady, my mother and my friends took me here to celebrate my birthday. I remember loving it, finding it cozy and sweet. But, recently I took my mother and grandmother there and was extremely dissappointed. Other than the super kind waitress, everything was horrible. It looked dirty, dusty, and the table was covered in ants. The food was of very low quality. I only had one bite. The tea selection was non-existent. When I asked for a tea menu, they brought me a box with about 9 different flavors of tea bags. Though I have fond memories here, I will most probably never eat here again.

    • Novie, a Red Hat Tea Lover


      Although I have moved from the So. Fla. area, I miss my trips to Cauley Sq. tearoom. It was pleasant relaxing respite in a busy city. It wasn't a 'high tea' experience but rather a delicious lunch, dessert and tea experience. Their finger sandwiches with ambrosia salad was my favourite. Definitely stop by if you are in the area.