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Leland Tea Company

1416 Bush St. | San Francisco, CA
415-346-4TEA | Email | Website | Hours
Leland Tea is known for Great Service, Great Food, and Great Value. We offer the perfect venue for studying, reading a novel, surfing the net via free wi-fi or Tea for 2. A beautiful spacious place for Bridal and Baby Showers, Birthdays, and more. We also can provide a customized catering menu to suit any taste, diet, and budget.

At the Leland Tea Company we welcome you to try the Loose Leaf Tea Bar, open the canisters, smell, feel, experience the tea in all its beauty.

We believe that each person knows what they like and that is why we do not tell you what you should like. Our mantra is that 'the only person that needs to like your tea is you', not us, not an 'expert', but you.

That is why you can feel comfortable trying something unusual, outrageous, and uniquely you. We are happy to custom label your tea creation with your name, friend or family name, or even label it with that secret code that only you and your best friend know about. Stop by and enjoy what fantastic, personal tea has to offer.

Featuring Sandwiches, Salads, Desserts, & More

Leland Tea Company, casual, everyday tea that is not your everyday experience.

Organic & Fair Trade Loose Leaf Tea
Popular Label Bag Tea
Tea Pots, Tea Accessories & More
Full Tea Service Menu
Catering for All Events
Tea Education & Tea Seminars
Free Wi-Fi Internet
Online Tea Shopping

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