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Little Apple Pastry Shop, Inc.

23217 Meetinghouse Lane Suite 102 | Aldie, VA
(703) 327-2500 | Email | Website | Hours

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The food and service was polite and helpful, I was running late so unfortunately I only had limited time before the next seating - the fault of traffic not the establishment, of course. The varieties of tea were all bagged standard selection available anywhere in the US. As I am very familiar with mass produced tea, I recognized most and had previously tried many of the teas. I felt that the whole thing was a bit overpriced, the place settings were mainstream and the tables are cramp-ly situated within a small dining area. I was also disappointed with the selection of teas sold in their shops as they were primarily Republic of Tea and the North American varieties of Twinings - nothing I can't find at Whole Foods or Target but significantly marked up. I understand that they are a small business, but it was a bit much. I went as a special occasion for someone's birthday and they enjoyed it and for that I am glad, but I do not think I would dine in again.

- Andi Sep 14th '15

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