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O-CHA tea bar

300 River St. Suite 122 Suite 122 | Greenville, SC
864-283-6702 | Email | Website | Hours
O-CHA tea bar is located in a beautiful spot, right on the river walk in the West End of Downtown Greenville, SC. We are below the Hampton Inn and Lazy Goat Restaurant.
We specialize in BUBBLE TEAS...cold, sweet, flavored teas...a ton of flavors to choose from all made with fresh brewed tea.
We serve and sell all loose leaf hot and iced teas. 40 varieties in stock...special orders welcome.
We also serve coffees, espresso, sodas, smoothies, pastries, desserts, specialty ice creams, light lunches, and snacks.
We offer private parties/wedding showers...kids tea parties...all in a beautiful location overlooking the reedy river walk. Plan a party or just pop in for an amazing tea!

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