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The Peach Tree Tea Room and Gift Gallery

210 South Adams | Fredericksburg, TX
(800) 977-9527 | Website | Hours
When Hector and Cynthia Pedregon sit and reflect about The Peach Tree, one realizes how fleeting time has been since the spring of 1972. The original German limestone residence was acquired quite by chance. Wanting a warehouse space, the Pedregons walked through the house and talked about the potential uses for the property. Three hours later, they agreed that the house really would make a wonderful store location for their own gift store. The very next day, the realtor was called and the deal was done. In a matter of hours on a Sunday afternoon, the decision to start a family business was made. The Peach Tree Gift Gallery opened on July 13, 1972. In the fall of 1984, the Tea Room opened, thus beginning another chapter in the life of the Pedregon family. With five tables, Hector and Cynthia never envisioned serving any more than coffee, teas and desserts. Cynthia not only prepared all the desserts, she was the only waitress with one helper in the kitchen. On weekends, their son David, who was 16 at the time, would help wait on tables; Carlos, their 12 year old, would help wash dishes; and Tina would help her dad in the gift shop. The year ended with a very successful Christmas season and after the holidays, at the encouragement of customers and friends, Cynthia began serving lunches on Fridays and Saturdays. Her reputation as a fine cook was greeted with sincere compliments from the customers. In the months following, more space was devoted to food service, more staff people came on board, and the serving days went to six - Monday through Saturday. As a result of Cynthia's wonderful creativity, The Peach Tree is proud to have published three cookbooks representing her collection of recipes. Her love of God, life, and food shine throughout her books. We hope to have the pleasure of your company in the shop and Tea Room whenever you visit Fredericksburg.

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