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The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop

713 N 4th St | Philadelphia, PA
267-639-2442 | Email | Website | Hours
Rest your bones, restore your spirit, rejuvenate yourself and enchant your palate!
Our line of roughly 40 artisanal teas and house-blended herbal infusions offers a small window into the enormous, fascinating and international world of Tea. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world (next to water of course). It is an integral part in the daily lives and hospitable traditions of countless cultures throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and slowly but surely, the Americas. Tea is a steppingstone to building communities and fostering friendships, assisting in forming and sustaining bonds in virtually every walk of life.
Popularized by various Chinese Emperors and Sages thousands of years ago for its numerous curative properties, Tea was originally intended as a tool for meditation, enabling the drinker to meditate for hours on end without the fear of drifting into sleep, allowing the mind to focus yet be at peace. The often frenetic pace of our modern existence gets to us all, and we hope that our tea room can provide a balm for those seeking respite from all the hustle and bustle. Taking the time to sit and sip a pot of tea can do wonders for clearing the mind from some of the excess baggage we carry with us in our daily routines. But tea isn't only about relaxation � it's about fresh experiences, entertaining the taste buds with previously unknown sensations, delighting the senses and savoring the richness of life. Some new experiences you'll encounter upon spending time in our tea room include Gong Fu tea service, drinking from the Chinese Zhong and sipping the finest Yerba Mate from the traditional cuia (Mate gourd) and bombilla (filtered straw).
Tea is about nourishing the body, tonifying the spirit and making new friends, but The Random Tea Room isn't only about tea. Vintage and antique pieces are also available for purchase, not to mention delicious baked goods, French-pressed Old City coffee, and locally made jewelry and skin care products. We also offer free wireless internet so you can surf while you sip. Most of all, we look forward to spreading the good will of Tea and growing with the community, cup by cup, pot by pot.

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