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Chelsea's on Thornton

501 S Thornton Ave | Dalton, GA
706 277 2872 | Hours
Please call the day before to make a reservation for tea.

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Normally, I enjoy going to Chelsea's. The food is good (although expensive) and there is a variety. I have taken my 2 granddaughters there before with no problem; however, today we had a problem. The children (ages 2 and 5) were eating when a woman I assumed to be a hostess or perhaps the owner from the way she acted simply announced she was going to sit with us. I tried to chat pleasantly as she talked to the girls and to me, but I kept wondering when she would leave. Was she worried the girls would spill? Did she think they would cause a problem? It was annoying. She got up and left only to return with more fruit for the girls (which was nice), but sat down again! I had no meal with the grandchildren and was exasperated, but how do you tell someone nicely to just leave?! If she... (more)

- E Galloway Jul 1st '13

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