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Bliss with La Tea Da

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405 Central Avenue North 101 St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-3808, United States 727-825-0373 Website Suggest Changes

Recent reviews

    • Beth


      We have gone here several times with our girls and we have always had a lovely time. This is a whimsical setting with hats and boas for everyone and quite the eclectic, shabby chic sort of decor. My kids LOVE it here. It CAN be hard to get someone by phone sometimes, but that is my only critique.

    • marbarell cronsitini


      this place is never anyone here and for the publix, stuff.. icky i do not pay for crap stay at home

    • Jana Jopson


      As a tea instructor and aficionado who has taken tea in numerous tearooms in the United States and abroad, I can honestly say this was one of the best and most pleasant afternoon teas in which I've had the pleasure of partaking. The proprietress, Ms. Cristina Beyer, is a discerning and charming Lover of the Leaf. She not only embodies the gracious spirit of this magical beverage, but is a knowledgeable and savvy tea hostess. We sipped and laughed and enjoyed ourselves immensely! Thank you, Cristina!

    • st.petersburg, fl


      THE food is from Publix, the reason I know this is because I found a receipt on the floor in the bathroom. Yummy huh?

    • Jackie Baron


      My sister and I enjoyed a lovely experience in this quaint tea room. The owner, Christina, is absolutely delightful! Her passion for tea and entertaining is quite apparent! The food was delicious, the hospitality was extraordinary and the tea was exquisite. My sister (Trish) and I intend to make this a monthly routine! Bravo, Christina! Thank you for bringing this elegant experience to Downtown St. Petersburg!

    • Trish Hansford


      My sister and I had tea at this charming tea room today. I can't say enough about the tea and the food that was served. The tea sandwiches were fresh and tasty. The scones were absolutely delicious; cranberry and lemon flavored. The tarts, tea cookies, and other assorted pastries were just divine. The owner spoiled us by never letting our cups run dry. We were served three pots of a wonderful black currant cassis tea. The tea was hot and fresh. The owner even gave us pointers of how to brew our own tea the same way. My sister and I plan to visit La Tea Da at least once a month. There is also a charming gift shop attached to the cozy tea room where assorted teas can be found along with fine china tea pots and every day pots and all types of accessories. Be sure to visit this tea room when you are in this area.

    • Nory


      I was recently at Bliss with my sister and we had such a wonderful time. We had so much fun with the hats and boas. Our tea cups were never empty and the little sandwiches and mini pastrys were fresh and delicious. The owner was so delightful. I will definitely go back when I visit my sister again. Nory 8/20/06

    • Brooke


      I have visited La Tea Da many times and have ALWAYS had a wonderful time. I visited the tea room before the new ownership and after. I found it to be very clean, classy, and delightful. The food is amazing and the service is great! The gift shop is unique and fun. I HIGHLY reccommend this tea room.

    • BG


      After visiting many tea rooms all over the country, I went to Bliss with some other ladies for a nice tea. Upon arriving, we found the atmosphere to be dark, clostrophobic, and dirty. The decor was a poor attempt at shabby chic and looked more like she raided a really bad garage sale. My mother went into the bathroom with my 2yr old daughter and found that there was food under the sink! I was horrified. Not to mention the furniture was so rickety that many times we thought the table and chairs were going to break if we moved wrong. Our tea was served LUKE WARM and was poured only when our cups were bone dry. Our sandwiches were room temp (tuna, egg salad, ham and cheese, and cucumber) with dried out bread-unsafe! The service that we received from the owner (who was also our waitress) was amazingly rude. When I approached the owner with my complaints, it fell on deaf ears. She only cared about the ridiculous amount of money she was getting for giving out nothing. I have never been treated so poorly by a business owner. Don't waste your time, money, or energy on the BLAH Tea Da tea room.

    • Sarah


      Owner was very rude and insulting. Her presentaion was not what she had explained over the phone when we made a reservation.When i made the reservation a $20 deposit was quickly ran before i gave all information. Before we received the bill, half of our requested meal was forgotten about and was not even served. Then we noticed and 18% gratuity was added with no notice of any kind, written or verbal. We had a party of 6 and never once saw a menu or a list of tea. There were only two choices of tea and we did not even get a whole pot to our table. For the hour and a half we were there, we each received only received 3 cups of tea except for the best dressed guest who the owner assumed was the one paying the bill. She was very defensive and rude when we asked for some type of accomodation for the bill $100 later. We never got a discount and she continued to be impressed with herself and her tea room that has only been open for ONE YEAR. I dont know about anyone else, but I have been to many tea rooms and never had as poor, rude, and ignorant service. One year is not sounding like great experience to me...don't waste your money because its soooo not worth the time or money!

    • Sara


      I was the hostess for a bridal shower a week ago and let me tell you - it was fabulous. First, the atmosphere was really cute and the tea that was served as absolutely fabulous ('amore' or something like it). The sandwiches, crumpets, and cookies were really delicious. We all had fun with our hats and boas. I got rave reviews from all of the attendees!!!! The owner, by the way, is a gem, and made my job extremely easy and fun!

    • Katie Alam


      Very bad choice of teas! Most of the teas were so old that you can literally spell moulds in them! The tea room wa so dark & old that you feel miserable just sitting on those old chairs! If I was the owner I'd get some fresh teas so that tea lover wouldn't get dissapointed & bitter taste after going to this tea shop.