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Lisa's Tea Treasures

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377 Santana Row San Jose, California 95128-2053, United States 408-247-3613 Website

Sun 11:00am – 5:30pm Mon 10:00am – 6:00pm Tue 10:00am – 6:00pm Wed 10:00am – 6:00pm Thu 10:00am – 6:00pm Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Terri


      My friends and I have been to many tea rooms and we ALWAYS compare them to Lisa's Tea Treasues --- some have come close but NONE have compared to Lisa's. We enjoy Lisa's the BEST!

    • Renee


      I came here on the recommendation of a friend and was disappointed by the experience. The atmosphere was as described (Victorian and feminine). However, the tea was cold by the time it arrived at the table and the food portions were small. My friend had to ask for milk for her tea- it was not asked or offered. For $22.95, I expected a lot more.

    • Linda


      This is a wonderful place. The atmosphere is lovely, the service excellent and the food choices great. They have several items to choose from and a special menu of the month. I have been here several times and always enjoyed it.

    • Regina


      I've had a great time at Lisa's each time I've visited. The tea options were good, and the tea I ordered was paired perfectly with the meal. The food was quite filling, and very tasty; I definitely felt like I got my money's worth. I liked that they have a jar of 'biscuits' (cookies) on the table for you to nibble on throughout the meal. The setting was very Victorian, girly but attractively done. The tea was scrumptious and the service was very attentive and wonderful. I also LOVED the items for sale at the front of the store, the jewelry and teapots/tea cups were all unique and yet very affordably priced. I recommend Lisa's Tea Treasures to any one going to Santana Row.

    • Kristen Coffey


      In my opinion the food was of poor quality and very pricey for what you received. On top of that they leave the loose tea floating in your pot! After a few minutes your tea is bitter and very unpleasant. The service was cheerful and the decor was... very pink. Overall I regret to say I have no future plans to return.

    • Geni


      Just average in what appears to be a lovely setting! We didn't appreciate the tiny closed off room (relegated to non-whites?). Won't be back.

    • Tea Connoisseur


      Lisa's in Santana Row has a beautiful gift shop and beautiful decor, but I was not impressed with the food or service. I went to tea with a friend and her two children. We were the only guests in the tea room at the time and we were squished at a tiny table. When the food came, every inch of the table was covered and the server (who was dressed adorably in a maid costume) had to use her tiered server(they called them 'muffin stands') to put the rest of our food on! It was a little ridiculous. The menu was small and the tea and dessert was chosen for you like a combo meal. The hot pastries and dessert were not exciting. Maybe they were from Costco? Anyway, Lisa's in Santana Row is nice for shopping, but for the price, the tea service is not up to par.

    • Loretta Langer


      We went there for the Valentine's Day Special which was a tiny quarter of a sandwich, tiny cup of sope and a dessert for $14.99. The server also offered us tea. During dessert the server came by and told us there would be an add't charge of $5.00 for the tea! We were shocked and said they should of mentioned that when they offered the tea. They then told us to leave, saying the table was needed even though we were the only people in the room. They shouldn't treat people so rudely.

    • Bonnie


      My sister and I came to Lisa's while I was visiting from the East Coast. I found the atmosphere quite cozy - we enjoyed a table for two and had Kiev Crush which is a great herbal tea. I bought some to bring home to share with friends. The sandwiches and pumpkin scones were quite tasty and the German chocolate cake was to die for. I found the service to be cheerful and we always had a fresh hot pot of tea! My sister and I were able to relax and enjoy the afternoon in style.

    • Tracey


      My elderly aunt (whose never been to a tea house), a girlfriend of mine and myself went here for an afternoon of conversation and tea. The service was extremely poor, we received our food and was never checked on after that except to bring the bill. I was shocked that we were 'graciously' asked to leave stating that they had a time limit on occupying a table. Please note, it was NOT crowded, nor was there anyone waiting. I typically frequent the location in Menlo Park, this was my first time at the Santana Row location and I will not return. I also refer people to any other location but this one. As I read the other comments, it's a shame they have not modified their service.

    • V.W.


      My friends and I love going to tea. In our area there are two Lisa's Tea Treasures - one in the Pruneyard and the other in Santana Row. I have been to the Santana Row location only once and will never return. The service is exceptionally poor. Our server did not check in regularly nor respond to the bell that is left on the table specifically to call for service. There was an error on our bill and when we called it to the attention of our server and the attendant at the register we were told that the owner had given us the wrong menu when she had seated up (the owner had gone home) and that it wasn't really their problem but they'd let the owner know. We weren't asking for a refund or an accomodation but there was no apology and no admission that they had made a mistake. When my friend explained that she had been there once previously and had experienced poor service then as well she was told that the Santana Row location serves a certain type of customer and if she's had better service at the Pruneyard then she should just go there. We assured her we would.

    • LL


      I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the food-- definately had better.

    • Josie Rodriguez-Govea


      I went to visit my first tea today and was very, very impressed. I had the Lady's Respite and it was wonderful, my friend had the Duchess tea and she also enjoyed her selection. There was plenty of food and you will definitely leave feeling very well fed. Our server was nice and when I told her about a food allergy she gladly changed the sandwich to another with no problem. I did not feel rushed at all. We went without a reservation and even though the place was pretty full, we only had to wait about 10 minutes before being seated. I would reccomend Lisa's Tea Treasures to anyone who wants to experience a real tea. I can't wait to go back again.

    • Daphne


      I was there over this past weekend with my girlfriends. We enjoyed very much the ambience. Food and tea selections are great too. The service; however, is a bit lacking. Our server was courteous, but seemed rushing us out of the place at the end around 5:15pm. She took away my plate without asking when I didn't finish my food yet!! I didn't want to make a big deal in front of my friends so I didn't say anything... I probably should have. Anyway, I suggest taking an early seating at 11am or 1:30pm to avoid being rushed.

    • Lisa


      We must have been served by that 'wonderful lady with the gracious personality' mentioned in the first review as our service was not only pleasant, as we mentioned we were on a 'power tea break' we were also served quicker than we thought possible. The food was absolutely scrumptious and I would DEFINITELY make this a regular on my tea house tours. Suggestion: have a few more green or white tea selections and it would make it that more special.

    • Cindy F


      Lisas Tea Treasures is a mixed bag, the shop is quite lovely, the service however varies, I guess it depends who is serving, a few of the girls are rude and try to rush you if you happen to come at the last seating which is at 3:45 pm which seems really early to me, since the shop closes at 6:00 pm, on a few ocassions I have had the pleasure of being served by a wonderful lady with a gracious personality, the owner herself can be a little arrogant and unpleasant. Oh, and FYI this is not the place to have a children's tea party, I once overheard the owner and the staff complaining, being impatient and short with a few moms that were hosting a tea party for their daughters!! I would never bring my little girl here! The reason I keep coming back? I love tea and it is the closest tea house to my home. The food and the tea is fabulous!

    • Lara W.


      Lisa's Tea Treasures at Santana Row is a lovely place to combine an afernoon of shopping with tea. The front palor is filled with gifts and tea related items for sale, and there are 2 rooms, all set with beautiful matching Royal Doulton tea sets. There are a number of creative teas to choose from, including a French tea, an Italian tea and so forth. There are good choices of tea to choose from, which you can purchase in the store if you like. The servers are dressed in period costume, like serving maids for a palace or something, and seem to educated about proper tea and provide quiet, graceful service. After you've given your order, you can enjoy cookies with lemon curd while you wait. As I went alone, they brought out some magazines for me to enjoy, which was a very thoughtful touch. There was a nice variety of tea sandwiches and savories, and after I had finished they brought out the warm scone. Finally came a plate of several petit fours. Lisa's Tea Treasures is a chain although there are different owners, you can expect a very similar experience at the others.