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Ching Ching Cha

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1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA 202-333-8288 Suggest Changes

Recent reviews

    • Tracey


      I normally enjoy English style tea. This is an Asian style tea. I loved the unusual experience, and the food was great. The staff was very friendly and eager to educate me on how to prepare tea in an Eastern manner.

    • JC


      This is mostly a traditional Chinese tea store/restaurant. The Food is really hearty and nice. The tea variety is pretty good, but keep in mind that is for Chinese tea mostly, they do have herbals and some Japanese.

    • Flora


      I went with a group of friends, to take a break from our 'usual' places. This tea room has a great ambience and the teas and the food are excellent. The store has a great variety of items, it's almost irresistible! :)

    • Justin


      This is a top notch tea house. I love the variety and selection of teas. The helpful staff will instruct on the proper brewing methods for all of the teas that they serve. I will come here for three hour blocks of time to catch up with friends and it just amazes me how time flies comfortably in this place. In addition, their lamb dumplings are incredible.

    • Claire


      Ching Ching Cha provides a serene atmosphere and a lovely variety of tea, including 20-year-aged pu er. They serve it with the culturally appropriate tea ware for whichever tea you order. The staff are friendly and happily explain the proper use for the tea ware. If you’ve never done it before, the oolong preparation is a lovely experience. I recommend it. They refill the hot water, so if you get a re-steepable tea (such as oolong), you can hang out for a while. The food is light, healthy and tasty. They have both chair seating and shoes-off floor seating (so make sure your socks match ;) )

    • Sasha


      I really enjoy this shop for a nice relaxing tea lunch. They have a great variety of loose teas that are properly presented with proper tea-ware. Service is friendly and helpful. They also have a large selection of tea and tea ware for purchase.

    • Matt


      Simply Amazing, Authentic Asian tea room a great departure from the english tea rooms could spend countless hours there

    • Leanne


      The only thing that could possibly surpassed the fantastic selection, beautiful presentation, and tasty food is the cheerful and informative service. As the name implies, this is asian tea, and a wonderful place to not only sample many different kinds, but also bring some home with you. No better place for soothing, delicious tea.

    • Theo


      This is probably the best place in the entire Metro DC area to have whole leaf tea served properly. Each tea is served in teaware that is suited to the particular tea ordered, whether it be in a guywan, a yixing set, or a glass for flowering teas. On making a general inquiry about a particular tea that they did not have, the person I spoke to was not only knowledgeable of the tea but how and why it might have tasted the way it did, and what that tea was normally used for in Chinese medicine. After discussing two varieties of orchid scented teas, a less expensive one was recommended as being more of what I was looking for, and it was excellent. The food, while admittedly limited in choice, was a full meal and as close to perfect as one could get. On a Saturday night in Georgetown, we were not rushed in any way and had to ask for the cheque. We will be returning at the earliest opportunity.

    • Carly


      I've become a regular here since I started working in Georgetown a few months back. Ching Ching Cha is a fabulous Asian tearoom. It has a lovely, and quiet atmosphere and the tea meal is great deal. There's also a very well-stocked tea market in the shop. During the week it's very quiet, but weekends can be busy.

    • Jini Ryan


      This isn't the Queen Mum's tea! The atmosphere is very Asian and fun. The food is wonderful -- I had the curry chicken for lunch on my first visit, and the almond cookies on the second. They have a very wide variety of loose leaf teas, with a cute little pot for hot water. Service is pretty good, except for when it gets really crowded in there, but that's just way to sit back and relax.

    • Trudy


      Our server was attentive and educational. We went back two times in two days we liked it so much.

    • IM


      A peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown. I go here at least twice a month, and I always feel comfortable sipping my tea for as long as I want! Keep in mind that this is a Chinese teahouse, so most of the teas are Asian, and served in the traditional Chinese way. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that the menu is not very extensive.

    • TEC


      Peaceful and gracious atmosphere and educational service. Wonderfully relaxing to watch our artisan hand-crafted teas bloom while we lingered over conversation. Call ahead to reserve the traditional seating -- pillows on the floor around low, large square wooden tables. Good shop centered on teas and tea service, not on bric-a-brac. Small menu centered on healthful asian savory dishes; limited sweets. Three small plates, an bento box style entree and two teas cost about $43 with tax and service.

    • BJ


      Great atmosphere. Very good tea. No rush to leave. Best to go in the day time so you can relax on the floor bathed in the natural light that the skylights afford. Calming music. A great way to pass a few hours in conversation with a friend.