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User's reviews

  • Ching Ching Cha


    Ching Ching Cha provides a serene atmosphere and a lovely variety of tea, including 20-year-aged pu er. They serve it with the culturally appropriate tea ware for whichever tea you order. The staff are friendly and happily explain the proper use for the tea ware. If you’ve never done it before, the oolong preparation is a lovely experience. I recommend it. They refill the hot water, so if you get a re-steepable tea (such as oolong), you can hang out for a while. The food is light, healthy and tasty. They have both chair seating and shoes-off floor seating (so make sure your socks match ;) )

  • Ten Ren


    Ten Ren has a great variety of loose teas, black, green, oolong, and pu er as well as unique flowers and herbs for making your own blends—all good quality and decent prices. They also have some brands of packaged tea hard to find in the US and some lovely yixing pots. Most of the business is retail tea, but they also serve take-out bubble tea--also a great selection. I enjoy the option to replace the tapioca pearls with bits of pudding. A warning to people new to bubble tea: 'plum' means pickled plum, an acquired taste I have yet to acquire.