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Jin Patisserie

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1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA 310-399-8801 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 10:30am – 7:00pm Mon closed Tue 10:30am – 7:00pm Wed 10:30am – 7:00pm Thu 10:30am – 7:00pm Fri 10:30am – 7:00pm Sat 10:30am – 7:00pm

Recent reviews

    • ef


      Jin Patisserie is no longer located in Venice

    • Susannah


      My sister and I love this place. It is a cute little place, with all the seating outside in a nice garden. The chef has infused an English afternoon tea with Asian accents that is just delightful. The afternoon tea set is not to be missed (pot of tea, finger sandwiches, scones, Devonshire cream, marmalade, mini desserts, and chocolate). When I go, I go straight for a scone set (comes with a pot of tea) and a side of egg salad sandwiches. Perfect. I dream of the egg salad sandwiches! Beautiful selection of teas. Great place for a baby/wedding shower, or tea for two.

    • Joy


      The overall experience was wonderful and almost zen-like as we were seated by the fountain. The Afternoon Tea with the addition of a salad is an excellent choice if you arrive hungry. The Hanami Imperial tea was soothing and the pastries, delicate works of art, are as delicious as they are beautiful. I'll definitely be back! =)

    • Carleigh


      I have been coming here for the past 2yrs. I LOVE this place. The music & atmosphere is very chill. I start out with tea (always delicious).If hungry there lunches (salads sandwiches)are yummy. There deserts i think are outta this world.The cakes are small pieces of art, and taste amazing. The macaroons each have a very different unique flavor. Im not a chocolate person but the unusual flavor combination's (green tea, ginger,ect.)and designs are so beautiful.This place is very special i have always had the BEST experience here.Keep doing what u do and ill b back soon for my tea and cake. thank you for being different

    • loves_tea


      We had a nice experience at Jin Patisserie. The atmosphere is very unusual, in that there is only seating in the patio garden. It is kind of a crap shoot as to the table you'll get. We got seated on stools, which made it challenging to eat - not enough room on the table and lots of stooping. Having a private conversation was difficult, as the tables are elbow to elbow. Aside from that, the service was great. The tea selection was good, with lots of green teas to choose from. Not a whole lot of black teas though. The scones were good, but the cream was unlike anything I had ever tasted (not in a good way) - very thick and not sweet at all...toothpaste texture with no flavor. Their desserts, however, were stellar. Mixed review, but we'll try them again, knowing what to expect this time around.

    • JeanB


      A cute little japanese style tea garden - a pleasant spot to sit & sip. Large selection of tea prepared & brought in a pot (so you have no say in strength)-but it was delicious. We each had a lunch set consisting of a sandwich & salad (yummy), potato chips (odd) and a delicious dessert - which is their forte. Nice for a (very) light lunch, service was attentive. My recommendation would be to come here when you want a pot of tea & a lovely dessert. I had looked at their very informative website so it was pretty much what I expected. I was able to upgrade my dessert for $2 extra due to an allergy to an ingredient in the included 'cake of the day'.

    • Amber


      This place is not meant to be an English tea room, and it's not. This is a very unique type of tea restaurant with a definite asian flair. All the seating is outside in very basic tables and chairs. You don't need reservations which is nice and also unusual for a place serving high tea. The food was fabulous (but not abundant), we ordered their 'high tea'. This restaurant really specializes in desserts which is obvious from their website and the restaurant. They serve the tea (which is already prepared)in a small individual pot but you never actually see the tea leaves so you have no way of making your tea stronger or knowing what type of tea leaves are used. It says on the menu that each pot is prepared when ordered but you have to take their word for it. Unfortunetly the service was awful. I don't need to go into details but it was really bad. It seemed like the servers had no idea what was going on and unlike most tea places, when they served the food they didn't clue us in on what any of it was- and I say that b/c there were many different desserts and chocolates and it would have been nice to know... Anyway, I'm sure I will return to this place, I did enjoy the experience and the food.

    • DD


      This is a very unique tea house. I loved that it was not your tipical tea house. They specialize in the desserts, which is obvious. They are beautiful and delicious. I had the afternoon tea. I agree with another review that the tea is served a bit too weak. I also had a black tea which was not steeped long enough. The finger sandwich was egg. Ok, but nothing special. The scones were nice and warm, but I prefer a more traditional scone. The desserts were amazing. So delicious and so beautiful. Love the chocolates!! Would definitely go back for a relaxing afternoon.

    • Joyce


      We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon tea at Jin Patisserie a couple weeks ago. The outdoor seating was small and limited but the ambience was great and relaxing. The tea and pastry presentation were so beautiful. However, I think the tea is a bit weak. I had a pot of black tea that day but it's too light when i added cream and sugar in it. Other than that, everything is perfect at Jin Patisserie.

    • Cindee


      I took my niece here on a Friday afternoon after seeing a movie. It was the perfect setting for a casual celebration of her new job. We both ordered the afternoon tea, and enjoyed the different flavors and appreciated the artistry. The couple at the next table couldn't stop staring at the beautiful presentation that was brought to us! The tea menu had many to choose from and I intend to return for lunch to have the quiche and salad, which includes a piece of cake!

    • Georgina


      TI went with my two cousins and we had a wonderful morning. The green vanilla tea, sandwich and salad was excellent!

    • Melissa


      A great place to go with friends or even the women in the family to have an afternoon get away. Everything was great. I recommend the 'Afternoon Tea' with the Green Vanilla Tea.

    • Amy March


      One of my favorite places in the country. Kristy Choo and company create an urban oasis in an enclosed simple garden. The cakes are delightful and the light meals and the tea are perfectly paired. I couldn't imagine a trip to LA without a stop at Jin. Give yourself plenty of time, as you may never want to leave.

    • Emmy


      My 3 friends & I enjoy afternoon tea and try to go to a different one each time. Needless to say, the pastries were very bland and dry though very artistic... we had a lot of leftovers. None of us would go back...

    • Maria


      An excellent line of tea and cakes. The All Day Lunch choices are great, too. I highly recommend the high tea ('Afternoon Tea' on the menu). Service was excellent!