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User's reviews

  • Jin Patisserie


    This place is not meant to be an English tea room, and it's not. This is a very unique type of tea restaurant with a definite asian flair. All the seating is outside in very basic tables and chairs. You don't need reservations which is nice and also unusual for a place serving high tea. The food was fabulous (but not abundant), we ordered their 'high tea'. This restaurant really specializes in desserts which is obvious from their website and the restaurant. They serve the tea (which is already prepared)in a small individual pot but you never actually see the tea leaves so you have no way of making your tea stronger or knowing what type of tea leaves are used. It says on the menu that each pot is prepared when ordered but you have to take their word for it. Unfortunetly the service was awful. I don't need to go into details but it was really bad. It seemed like the servers had no idea what was going on and unlike most tea places, when they served the food they didn't clue us in on what any of it was- and I say that b/c there were many different desserts and chocolates and it would have been nice to know... Anyway, I'm sure I will return to this place, I did enjoy the experience and the food.