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Miss Aimee B's Tea Room

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837 1st Capitol Drive Saint Charles, Missouri 63301-2731, United States 636-946-4202 Website Owner?

Sun closed Mon closed Tue 08:00am – 3:00pm Wed 08:00am – 3:00pm Thu 08:00am – 3:00pm Fri 08:00am – 3:00pm Sat 08:00am – 3:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Brad Tissi


      After Tea Room in the Valley closed, this became our regular spot for a couple years. Unfortunately, they just announced that they will not be opening for 2018. They were always very friendly and the food was great. They will be missed.

    • K. Stevens


      I beklieve this tea room has either closed or a new one (with a new name) has taken its place. The website does not work a well.

    • Deena M


      I just called because I could not find a tea menu online. They are no longer serving tea on a daily basis however, they WILL do it for private parties.

    • Faith


      I didn't have any tea, instead I had their famous lemon-aid but the food and service was excellent.

    • Shelley


      Upon entering it is hard to figure out 1.)who is the hostess? 2.)Where do we stand to be seated? Menu appears impressive, almost too much for a tea room, but thought the food was just ok, not what I expected. Had to ask server what teas they had, what the soup was... waited forever for the ticket. Better than some, but just average..

    • Sue Allen


      Molly's review was right on. I went with a group of friends. Lunch was just okay. One friend literally found a bug in her lunch and the owner all but accused her of putting it there saying it had to come in with her. They were plain rude! This has been sometime ago and needless to say none of our group has goneback!

    • Kathy Strothcamp


      We just had a baby shower at Miss Aimee B's. What a staff!!! The food, decor, and professional service was amazing. Many great comments from the guests also.

    • Bill & Adele Seibel


      My daughter(step-daughter) had her wedding at Aimee B's in 2008 and it was such a success that my wife and I just had our wedding there on April 3, 2010. Both events were wonderful and I highly recommend this restaurant. Our guests can not stop talking about how good the food was at our reception and the service was excellent. The owners do everything to deliver a wonderful setting for a wedding at a very reasonable price. Our family and friends can't stop talking about this place and neither can we. These are professionals who deliver a wonderful wedding and dining experince in a romantic setting that made our day unforgetable. We highly recommend Aimee B's for lunch or any special occasion. You will not be disappointed by this gem of a restaurant.

    • Kim


      Took my 5yo daughter 4 yrs ago to avoid her class' halloween party. She ordered a baked apple which was wonderfully prepared/presented but too big for her. I don't remember what I had but that it was good. We had a lovely time and it's a favorite memory of our's. I'll be taking her back before we move for our girly day. PS Molly, your review was just nasty and hateful and useless. If you wanted a nice memory for your daughter then make it simple and let her remember time with just you. Children don't care about the party and production that was for YOUR glory. Stop trying to match what you see in movies.

    • Molly


      Where do I start! I dint think I have ever been this embarrassed and disappointed in my life. I had planned a tea party for my 5 year daughters birthday, I talked to 3 different employees about the details of the tea party. I was told there would be special table linens, tea party class, special meal for her, dessert and her own cake. I was very excited, so to make reservations, they told me the owner would have to call me to make the reservation. When Sherry (the owner) finally called me to make reservations she asked me what time I would like and how many people, she gave me a time frame from 9am-11am or 11am-1pm, I chose the later time due to us having family driving an hour to get there. Sherry took a $50 deposit from me at the time I made a reservation, later that week she sent me a contract with all of their rules on it, that I was supposed to sign and bring with me. SO, the big, day, we get there, and there was NO tea party. I had family drive over an hour to get there, my 5 year old daughter was so excited about her tea party, and she got nothing!! Sherry informed me that they only have tea parties from 9am-11am, which I didn't understand because when I made reservations for the tea party, Sherry gave me two time frames to choose from. I still cant believe, they were supposed to throw her a tea party and have a cake for her and they had nothing!! I didn't even get an apology and was basically blamed for the mix up myself. This was a HUGE deal to me, my daughters 5th birthday, I wanted it to be a memory we could cherish forever, I am very upset, and as you can imagine, Will never EVER step foot in that place again, and trust me, I will let everyone know. I hope Sherry reads this, and the only reason I didn't completely go off on her for blaming me for her ignorance, is because I didn't want to upset my daughter. Please excuse me Sherry, I did look at the contract, just wanted to let you know, that your place isn't made of gold. I have dined at much nicer places and was never required to sign a contract and a deposit for a brunch! It was supposed to be a contract for my daughters TEA PARTY!!!!! You are ridiculous!

    • Nancy


      Chicken salad pie is scrumprious. Waldorf salad is great, too. But the all-time best dish is the Peach Bomb! My mouth waters just thinking of it.

    • Connie & Friends


      It had been awhile since I had visited, but I was deeply disappointed in the lunch experience I had with my sister. Service was VERY slow...the soup was not even warm and my sister had a piece of plastic in her quiche and when notified of this, they did take if off the bill, but ONLY THE QUICHE, not her meal...yes, they seperated out the meal amd subtracted $4.99...the total was $9.99 so I gues the spoonful of fruit salad was $5...rediculous, not to mention the owner, who was present, never came out and apologized or anything. If I were the proprieter, the entire bill would have been waved. A hunk of plastic in your food...that's not cricket in my book! The elmonade was very sour this trip too...I an't tell you how saddened I was by the visit....sorry.

    • Linda


      The first time I ate here, I was blown away -- yum!! On my last 2 visits, I have been only mildly food was lukewarm and the server seemed a bit frazzled.

    • P. Kimes


      The food was average and the service wasn't what I expected it to be for the reputation. The tea, however, was very good.

    • Evi Tremain


      What a delightful find! The food selection is wonderful (including desserts! YUM!) and it is very pretty inside(and out!:)) I love going here! Just brought a friend who had never! Enjoy!

    • Barbara


      This was a wonderful experience. Will definitly go back when I visit this area again.

    • Jay


      This is a lovely place! The ambience is charming and a perfect compliment to the delicious food and beverages.

    • jo


      Outstanding Desserts and homemade soups and sandwiches. Lovely shopping upstairs as well as garden eating if desired