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Maudee's Cafe & Tea Room

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4333 Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75225, USA (214) 526-9750 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Diane


      Small, but inviting tea room.

    • Gina


      Very charming tea spot. Every month me and my cousin pick a new place for afternoon tea and this was a winner. The service was wonderful and pleasant and the food was delicious. They have a very good tea selection and the Lavender Apricot was my favorite. Great place, we will be going back.

    • Suzie Bertrand


      My daughter and I recently held a 'Maids and Moms' bridal party appreciation brunch at Maudee's which turned out wonderfully well. We were completely catered to by Mack and Sharon Yarbrough's daughter Erica and her husband, Geoff as if we were their only priority. The food was fabulous--as always--and the little personal touches were very much appreciated. This is definitely one of our FAVORITE places in Dallas, and we look forward to visiting many more times! I highly recommend Maudee's for small, intimate gatherings.

    • EFuller


      My husband and I went to Maudee's for tea for my birthday and had a very enjoyable time. They have a very large tea selecetion, all of which were excellent, but my favorite was the Lavender Apricot. The scones were fabulous, by far the best I've had, and the service was prompt and pleasant. All in all, a very enjoyable time and definately a tea room we'll be coming back to.

    • Mack Yarbrough, Owner


      Ms Woessner-Larkin, the previous poster who left an anon posting, booked an AFTERNOON tea not the cream tea via phone after viewing our web site. Once she arrived, she indicated that she and her sister had eaten earlier and wished only the cream tea offering for themselves but the full tea for their mother. It had not been booked this way but, I accomodated their request and took a loss on the service and threw away the extra tea sandwiches and desserts. Our web site and all published and verbal communications with this party and all others indicate that the cost is $19.95 plus tax and a 20% gratuity which brings the total cost to $25.60 per person. Ms Larkin did not object at the time of the booking. I have to assume that she was having a bad day and spent too much money on Christmas and had to cut cornors. I was the individual that waited on their table as we had multiple tables at our afternoon tea service. As an aside, we received a 100% on our last Dallas County health inspection.

    • anonymous


      My family and I recently had afternnon tea at Maudee's. Although the tea and food were fine, we found the service very disappointing and the business practices of the owners highly questionable. Prior to making our reservation we had read on the internet that two different types of tea services are available: high tea and cream tea, however, the menu provided at our table only listed the high tea and this is also the only option our server (presumably one of the owners) mentioned in his explanation to us. We listened to the full explanation of our 'options' and only after no mention was made of it, we questioned whether something lighter was available (ie the cream tea which we had read about online). Only thereafter was it confirmed that this was also an option. We found this questionable since the menu provided made no mention of the cream tea nor did the waiter volunteer this option on his own. As became clear later, it was clearly a deliberate omission of information. Nevertheless we chose the cream tea option and initially assumed this was not a deliberate omission of information until the bill arrived. There were only 3 of us and our teas and food were all served in combination on the same plate and in one and the same pots, however, we were automatically charged a 20% gratuity. Albeit the gratuity was not a large dollar amount, but gratuity by its nature is voluntary and it has NEVER been my experience before that a 20% gratuity is required for a party of 3. Typically restaurants require a 20% gratuity for parties of 5 or more which is very understandable, but in this case it was unwarranted and when we questioned it we were given a very curt explanation. The waitress was shrewish to begin with, so unfortunately this explanation of the gratuity only sealed the first impression we had of her as being rather unpleasant and short. Before leaving we also suggested in a polite manner that the cream tea be included in the menu, which was on our table, for guests that would arrive and were not aware of the lighter (and less expensive)option. It was explained to us in length that guests 'normally know' what they want and if 'asked' they are told about the cream tea. This omission of information and the 20% gratuity as well as the filthy hallway on the way to the bathroom left an extremely poor impression on us and we regret that we would not recommend Maudee's to anyone that appreciates upfront business practices. We have seen on the internet that the owner is in the habit of 'refuting' negative reviews. This underlines his lack of respect for customers and unwillingness to listen to customers suggestions for improvement as displayed while we were in his establishment.

    • Shelly J.


      My mother and I loved this place. The food was delicious, the tea was excellent and the service was superb! The owners were such a delight. I would highly recommend this tearoom.

    • Shelly C.


      My mother and I had the most wonderful time at Maudee's. The owners were BEYOND attentive-you could tell that they really had a passion for their restaurant. The food portions were very generous and varieties of tea endless. The atmosphere is quaint and cozy. A delightful place to spend an afternoon and catch up with an old friend.

    • MME


      Maudee's does a lovely afternoon tea. The sandwiches are hearty, not just bite-sized, and the other food is fabulous. Their house tea is an apricot with something unusual in it. It's delicious. The service is wonderful and the place settings are beautiful. Highly recommended for a tea function.

    • Rebecca


      Located in a strip mall in Dallas off of Lover's Lane, Maudee's provides a decent tea experience with the emphasis being on the tea rather than the food. A selection of lovely teas are served in eclectic china shaped like elephants, mums, and more. A different tea may be selected with each course. Of the teas tried, the Green Strawberry Hibiscus (a seasonal choice) was the most remarkable, with a surprisingly pleasant tang. The sandwiches were extremely basic - pimento cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, and chicken salad - served on soft white bread. Scones and muffins were tasty with a lovely sugar topping and were, by far, the favorite course. The desserts - an iced chocolate brownie and lemon bar - were mundane when compared to City Cafe and Inessa Stewart (both on the same street), but were tender and delicious. Service was attentive, polite, and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was quiet and inviting - the decor offering a wonderful break from the hustle of the street outside. Overall, a lovely place for a tea lover who is looking for a quiet afternoon.