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Spice Hut

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131 W Kellogg Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226, USA 360-671-2800 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 5:00pm Mon 09:00am – 7:00pm Tue 09:00am – 7:00pm Wed 09:00am – 7:00pm Thu 09:00am – 7:00pm Fri 09:00am – 7:00pm Sat 09:00am – 7:00pm

Key features:

*Loose leaf teas to take home

*A selection of premium bagged teas

*Tea Bar serving both Iced and Hot Infusions of over 200 teas and Bubble tea.

*Premium fresh ground spices for the chef int he family.

*Cookies and treats.

*Conveniently located near Costco, Best Buy, and the Blossom Commons Mini Mall.

Treat yourself to an exotic infusion of super premium loose leaf tea, or an authentically crafted batch of spices from corners of the globe you've never experienced.

Since 2004 The Spice Hut has been the premiere provider of loose leaf teas and spices in Whatcom County. Our full catalog of premium teas is unavailable anywhere in the world as many of our blends are invented here in Bellingham with the help and input of our valued friends and customers.

Our primary retail outlet and hub of spice and tea flavor exploration is located at 131 West Kellogg Road near Whatcom Community College (who we are the sole provider of their signature Orca Tea Blend).Stop by and talk recipes with one of our knowledgeable staff or sample your way through our Aroma bar with a tea prepared at our tea bar.

Spice Huts favorite tea blends include a South African Rooibos herbal tea blended with orange zest and vanilla called Rooibos Listeners Choice or Rooibos Orange Cream. For those looking for an iced tea like no other try our Sweet Pineapple Green tea which features sweet chunks of pineapple in a bed of soothing green tea.

Our favorite Spice Seasonings include our Luigis Italiano, which features a savory blend of garlic, oregano and basil. Luigis mixed with cream cheese makes for an herbalicious spread. Another crowd pleaser is our Garam Masala which can be used to make curried lentils or chicken, as well as be used as an all purpose shaker seasoning. All of our spice seasonings are salt free, gluten free, organic and NON GMO Verified.

Recent reviews

    • S



      I love the Spice Hut; I buy all my loose leaf teas here. I live 2.5 hours away and whenever we go visit my in-laws I stock up.

    • J



      There spices are so fresh and delicious. Best in town by far!! Makes cooking for me much much more tasty and enjoyable! I buy all of my tea from them and there other store TeaQuent Stop. There teas are also very fresh and great tasting. There customer service is as good as it gets. Very knowledgeable and helpful. There always happy to give me cooking recommdations and helpful tips. I highly recommend going there, the store is beautiful and has so many different products for spices and teas. Go see for yourself and you will be hooked :)

    • J



      I love to buy tea here. There's so much selection in both tea and tea ware, and the employees usually have a lot of personality.

      It's not really a sit down place, though. You just go here if you're shopping.

    • L



      I can say nothing but wonderful things about the Spice Hut! I sought them out upon trying their amazing tea Chuckanut sun at a local restaurant and knew I had to get some! This tea is one of many that I have frequently described to friends as 'heaven in a cup' soo tastey! The owners are very thoughtful and provide excellent customer service, I had purchased some tea as gifts when I went on a trip and returned to the store at least a 2 months after and they asked how it had gone. If you enjoy tea and are in the Belligham area there's no way you've yet to hear about the spice hut, if you're thinking of visiting you need to stop by! If anything perhaps the quality of their products and customer service has turned me into a tea snob because I frequently find myself pressed to find teas that are nearly as wonderful as the ones I've bought here. much love to the owners and staff at Spice Hut, you've made my day on more than one occasion.

    • S



      I went in today to get spices and teas to fill my kitchen since I had just moved. The owner was amazing! She helped me pick some thai tea, and a vanilla rooibos. She also bagged six or seven different spices for me. I even got great advice on making some vegetarian curry.

      I just can't recommend them enough.

    • S

      Sharon Oscar


      I love this place! They have the best quality tea AND spices I have been able to find in the country. They are also very knowledgable and helpful in choosing teas. Yum!

    • J

      Jenny t.


      Walking into the Spice Hut you notice right away the great aromas of freshly ground spices and brewing teas. The staff is extremly friendly and always ready to introduce you to something great. I have been I about 20-25 times now and have never purchased an item I didn't rave about to my friends.

    • D



      Spice is hut is very authentic, elegant, yet very warm and friendly shop.

      When you walk into the store, first thing you will see is beautiful art work and display along with great aroma of premium teas and spices.

      You will feel like you are in a hidden garden of teas and spices.

      My first visit to the store was very pleasant and something to be remembered.

      People were very kind and they had the best knowledge of teas and spices.

      The store is run by very friendly family and they make you feel like you are a part of family.

      I felt like sitting down with them and have a nice cup of tea together.

      Please go visit the store when you feel like you want some time to relax and reenergize.

      Anything you get from Spice Hut is good, but try their Rooibos blends.

      The aroma is absolutely amazing.

      I also buy exotic blends of spices from the store too to try new recipes.

      You can buy the best spices only from Spice Hut.

      I¡¯m sure when you leave the store you will feel very relaxed.

      It¡¯s totally new experience where you are new to tea or not.

      Go home and enjoy that great teas and spices you got from Spice Hut.

      Remember good teas are better when they are shared with families and friends.

    • J

      Joseph Hanchinamani


      This place has it all! From Rooibus to herbal to oolong teas. Not only that but the instructions for preparing the teas are helpful, the staff is friendly and full of advice, and the overall presentation of the store puts other tea and spice stores to shame. I recommend this place for anyone wanting a good tea mixed with friendly service.

    • S



      I started going into this shop after they first opened and was pleased and impressed!

      As they have progressed, they have continued to impress with the addition of the 'Tea Bar' and the increasing varities of premium teas and spices!

      Thier friendly and helpful staff makes a trip to the SpiceHut most enjoyable.

    • J

      Jackie Rubinelli


      An enormous selection of all types of teas, knowledgable and friendly staff and great service.

      After a recent move to an area where good, loose teas are impossible to find, I was suffering from severe green tea withdrawal. I called and 2 days later was enjoying my favorites again.