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User's reviews

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room


    This place has some really tasty tea and tea sandwiches, and they're right across the street from a tea shop with some very unique items. However, it's SO crowded and noisy that I couldn't really fully enjoy myself. Our table was practically right in front of the door, and it was connected to someone else's table, so we got absolutely NO personal space. I was constantly i fear of someone knocking over my tea pot or something, especially with how wobbly the table was. Overall, it's a nice place, but I wouldn't show it off to friends or anything.

  • The Tea and Crumpet Shop


    The employees here like to stress that this really is mostly a crumpet shop that just happens to serve tea. But they will brew you some wonderful loose leaf tea by the cup, and they're very jovial and friendly and spunky. If you're at a loss, they'll make a recommendation. Their crumpets are delicious. I tried the tomato pesto one, and wow was it messy, but SO tasty. It's connected right to Pike's Place Market so it's right on the path of most shoppers.

  • Queen Mary Tea Room and Restaurant


    The only bad thing I can think to say about this place is that it's very expensive. That's it. I love everything else about it, and it is by far my very favorite tea house to visit. I have to come here whenever I visit Seattle. If you get the afternoon tea, the dec out your tier with so much food you may not be able to finish it, and it is all DELICIOUS, gourmet, and can vary from season to season so it's NEVER boring. They also have a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu, though I've never gotten their early enough to try the breakfast unfortunately. They have a huge selection of tea, and their seasonal teas are especially divine. They bring it out in a silver pot with the strainer right in it so you can pull it out when it's brewed to your liking. The place is covered from top to bottom in decor, but I don't think it's tacky at all. It's gorgeous, and the baked goods you see upon entering will make you drool. They also have some adorable tea ware for sale. In the back, they have a little notebook you can write in and a map to pin where you're from. It's fun to see where some people who have been there are from. I saw people from Africa! And it might be odd to say, but you have to go in their bathrooms. They actually have things on the real Queen Mary in there, and they're so adorably decorated. You MUST visit here if you like tea.

  • Elizabeth and Alexander's English Tea Room


    This place is beautiful and inviting. It was actually decorated by someone from britain, so it has a very authentic feel to it, and it has some incredibly cozy seating. Velvet armchairs? Yes please. The food can be expensive, but it's artfully done and delicious, and worth every penny. The owner and the wait staff are like a family, and they try to make you feel like family as well. They do their best to make sure you're comfortable and getting great service. The tea selection isn't the best, and because they brew it loose in your pot, your tea can get bitter if you don't drink it quick enough. But the greatness of the food, service, and atmosphere is more than enough to cancel those small cons out.

  • Madam Fifi's


    I have mixed feelings about this place. On one hand, it's very spacious and offers all KINDS of things to buy. Not just tea ware, but random antique things, jewelry, and even some clothes and shoes. In another section they have the seating area where you can have your tea and baked goods. It's got a lot to do, but when I walk in I get more of a 'shop' atmosphere, which doesn't really urge me to sit down and relax. Still, I think it's a fun little place to visit just to see what they have, and they're open later in the day than most tea houses.

  • Abbey Garden Tea Room


    This was my first tea house ever, so I might be a little biased when I say how much I love it It's very cozy, the seats are comfortable, and the decor is classic without being to 'grandma' or over the top. I've made friends with several of the servers, and they're always very friendly. However, service can very from poor to wonderful simply depending on who you get that day. The food and tea ALWAYS tastes wonderful - especially the scones. However, the selection isn't that great. Very limited when it comes to teas and tea sandwiches, but what they do have is done very well. They brew your tea for you, which is a pro and a con. It's nice because you don't have to worry about it, but not so great if some people like their tea a little lighter or darker than most. They've changed some things recently that I don't really like. Before, you could get a second pot of the same tea for free, but now you have to pay extra, and I really miss the little brown betty tea pots. Still, I highly recommend this place. It really fits into the Fairhaven style.

  • TEAquent Stop


    They're connected to the Spice Hut I believe, so my review is pretty much identical to that. Nice selection of tea and wares, but obviously not a sit down place.

  • Spice Hut


    I love to buy tea here. There's so much selection in both tea and tea ware, and the employees usually have a lot of personality. It's not really a sit down place, though. You just go here if you're shopping.