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Got Tea

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2202 W Waters Ave #4, Tampa, FL 33604, USA 813-930-0470 Website Owner?

Sun closed Mon 12:00pm – 9:00pm Tue 12:00pm – 9:00pm Wed 12:00pm – 9:00pm Thu closed Fri closed Sat closed

Recent reviews

    • Celinda Evitt


      Very large variety of teas with and without boba. Very popular with Asian customers and just two doors from the amazing Yummy House Chinese food. While waiting for Yummy House seats do yourself a favor and drop into the Got Tea for a treat.

    • Gaby Rachel


      Got Tea is such an amazing place. The drinks are highly unique and delicious. It's the only place in Tampa where you can find food like this. I drive from South Tampa on warm afternoons for what's guaranteed to be a delicious snack. Try the tara with the tapioca pearls, it tastes like cake in a beverage. It's not a traditional tea setting though, it's more of an asian influence.

    • Bob Saget


      I can't really judge the artistry of the tea preparation since I can't really see what they are doing back there. They can probably spit in it and I wouldn't know, but The overall finished product looks and taste good. Claire is helpful and although she might not realize it, a total fox.

    • Rebecca


      I cannot imagine a more charming boba tea hideaway. Their menu is amazing, and they have free wireless internet too.

    • Styphyn


      Got Tea is a wonderful atmosphere. My friends and I try to get out there at least once a week to meet up and gossip and have great boba tea! The staff are very friendly and helpful if you aren't sure what you might want. I was made to feel comfortable my first time in. I would recomend this place to anyone looking for something a little different yet still amazing.

    • Christine


      I just discovered another great Boba tea place in the bay area. House of Boba just opened in Tyron square mall in St Pete, so for those who don't want to drive all the way to Tampa, go to House of Boba inside the mall, their boba is excellent

    • Theresa


      Best bubble teas outside of San Francisco and New York. Nice decor and menu too. Fried tofu is excellent!

    • Vicky


      When it comes to boba tea, I am very picky about it. Got Tea definitely has the quality. And their staff are super nice.

    • Francis


      Got Tea is the best tea place in tampa hands down. The 'staff' is very very more ways than timmy can go to hell...i go there for the tea...i swear...

    • Angie


      I don't know what Timmy's problem is, but I give Got Tea 5+ stars for everything. The parking lot is somewhat a pain, but the tea makes up for it. Best place in town for Boba and Tea!

    • Timmy


      The Tea is good 90% of the time, getting in and out of the parking lot is a PITA, and the staff isn't as insanely friendly as all the other reviews (that they wrote, I guarantee you) but they are nice.

    • Jeff


      Got Tea is simply the best place to get boba tea anywhere in the Bay area. They have a superb assortment of drinks, (about 100 or so I think.) The boba itself is always just right. Some places use stale boba, but not Got Tea. The staff is courteous and helpful. I can't say enough.

    • Thao


      Got Tea serves the best boba tea!! We've tried several others in the area but there's nothing like the flavors at Got Tea. Plus, the decor is pretty and relaxing, and staff is the best!

    • Eric


      Got Tea is my favorite Tea House in Tampa, FL. The atmosphere is relaxed, but not dull. They are always bringing in something new. If you haven't been there you need to go. Don't miss out on this one.

    • hklo


      I love Got Tea because it is an attractive place, but not pretentious. The teas and other drinks are tasty, and they come with a smile. The owners bring a lot to the Tampa Bay area, especially a touch of Taiwan -- the homeland of boba tea.

    • Stamatiki


      I really love this place. The decor is cute, the boba is tasty, and everyone working there is super nice. And now they have bento boxes! Wheeee! XD

    • Jessica


      This tea house is amazing! Not only is the Decor inviting, the owners/employees are more than friendly and very helpful. I reccommend this tea house for anyone in the Tampa area.

    • Eleanor


      This is my favorite tea house ever. They have a huge variety of different teas, milk teas, and slushes. Their boba is always perfect the drinks are the same. They have also recently added some beautiful shaved ice dishes that are outstanding. It's a must visit for all tea lovers and the owners are the sweetest people ever. You should really go.... Well.... have you gone yet?.... Well go already!