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User's reviews

  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge


    After reading your response to my well-deserved opinion, I felt as though I should give your shop another chance. After visiting your store again, I think that my original opinion was quite valid. Again, I visited on a Saturday afternoon. It was certainly busier than my first visit, so the fact that the service was lacking was more understandable this time. My cup of tea was pallatable, but I felt the service I recieved was comparable to that of starbucks- order, pay, then you're out of their hair. As for your claim that you've maintained a great memory of your customer's orders and preferences, I challenge you to tell me which rooibos tea I ordered when I was in, it was last saturday afternoon, I am in my late forties, have light brown hair, and was wearing a light pink shirt and jeans. I doubt that you can, and that's OK, because it's nearly impossible to remember that type of information about every customer. So in the future, rather than make a claim like that you might want to simply allow a person to have their opinion.

  • Got Tea


    This is my favorite tea house ever. They have a huge variety of different teas, milk teas, and slushes. Their boba is always perfect the drinks are the same. They have also recently added some beautiful shaved ice dishes that are outstanding. It's a must visit for all tea lovers and the owners are the sweetest people ever. You should really go.... Well.... have you gone yet?.... Well go already!