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The Tea Trolley

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5932 Entrada Ave, Atascadero, CA 93422, USA 805-461-9025 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Randy


      I stopped here for tea on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon in late last month. The owner, a very friendly English woman, was also the server. I was seated in the entry room and ordered the Queen's Tea (although it was not yet 1:30). The tea sandwich (tomato, cucumber and cream cheese) and scone were delicious as were the lemon curd, preserves and Devonshire cream. I had the Lady Earl Grey tea. There were three rooms in which you could dine: the entry/shop room, a main tea room to the left of the front door and a room to the rear. The owner spoke about adding an outdoor area which would be nice in the summer time. I would definitely visit again.

    • Jennifer


      While it is out of the way a bit, the drive was beautiful, and this ia a must stop for all tea lovers. Reese Manor is truly charming in a 'they dont make 'em like that anymore' sense of style. The decaf wild cherry tea and almond cookie black tea are a must try. The soup, scones and desserts were outstandingly tasty. The ONLY thing our group would be picky about was the sandwich choices were a bit average. However we all are excited to return again for a most lovely experience.

    • Marcia


      This place is so cute! It is a wonderful little teahouse! Wendy is always attentive and cheerful. I visit the Tea Trolley often, and have found it to be an enjoyable experience with each visit. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant, the food is delicious and the location and parking are easily accessible.

    • Jane Nelson


      Regarding customer on May 28 I cannot believe the comments, we frequent The Tea Trolley regularly and love everything about it, especially the food and Wendy the owner!

    • Amanda


      I love this place. The lady there is so nice. I'd buy a ton of things there if only I had the money. The food is amazing!

    • -customer


      This tea house is lacking in so many qualities that you would find in most tea houses...the quality of tea is average but the selection/quality of food and service extremely poor. I have been here several times (at the request of friends living in the area) and can attest that I did not get them on an 'off' day. The only thing they really have going for them is the decor...which I found charming.

    • Bill & Clare


      On Saturday, May 2nd, we had tea at the Tea Trolley in Atascadero. I previously had called Wendy (the owner) and reserved a Queen's Tea. She informed me that they don't serve the Queen's Tea until 1:30 PM, I said fine. We arrived at 1:10 PM and found the tea room to be charming on the outside and inside. The only thing that wasn't charming was the server. She seated us promptly and provided us with menus. At exactly 1:30 she asked us what tea we had selected and gave us a choice of one sandwich out of 4 selections. We presumed there would be at least 3 sandwiches with the Queen's Tea, as in most tea rooms. I voiced this opinion to the server and she said we could only choose one. We chose the egg salad. When the sandwiches came there were a total of nine sandwiches (all egg salad) still fewer than the usual 6 each (3 different fillings) at other tea rooms, but plenty. The server told us there were 3 extra since I had voiced my opinion. My comments caused the server to give us the cold shoulder for the remainder of our stay, including after paying the check, no thanks for coming or how was your tea or please come again, although she exchanged pleasantries with another table a few feet from us. The tea was good, well steeped. The scone, cream, jam and lemon curd were good, all served without a word from the server. The assorted pastries were probably all purchased from Costco's, not made fresh in the tea room. On Saturday, April 25th we had tea at the Belladonna's Tea Room in Lancaster CA and on Tuesday, April 28th we had tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas NV, both were Outstanding and the servers were excellent. Will we return to the Tea Trolley, probably not, but we wish Wendy all the success with her lovely tea room.

    • Natalie


      I love this place & have visited at least 10 times over the past 3 years or so. Love the teas & scones. The ambiance is warm cozy cottage & sweet. This place is always clean & the loo is so cute & pretty (I've got a thing for nice bathrooms... Madonna Inn bathrooms anyone?) Call before you go to make sure you go on a day the Trolleys actually open as I always get the open/closed days mixed up.

    • Lynette and Jeri


      My friend and I have visited The Tea Trolley several times. We have never been disappointed, never. The proprieter is a breath of fresh air. We love her. I don't know who Lucy is, but that was a horrendous comment to say about any person. I would highly, without reservation, recommend this tea room to anyone.

    • Lucy


      Business is business. Don't let her get too close to you, she has a history of suing people!

    • Denise


      This place is awesome! Wendy the owner & server is a delight. Since she is from England as well,it is so authentic, the food is delicious & the tea devine. We go often & we travel an hour to get there.

    • Judy Bedell


      What a delight. Highly recommended for a mother/daughter outing. I took three top students there for a reward and it was so much fun. Great service, elegant setting where children are still comfortable. Highly recommend!!!

    • Kadie


      Everything was lovely. Wonderful shop...very English in the middle of Atascadero!

    • Jennie Guard


      A lovely quaint place, love the small rooms and the garden in the back is great on a sunny day. Food is great and Wendy is an excellent hostess