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Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room

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212 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, USA 540-432-8942 Website Owner?

Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room closed on Saturday, August 13 after 6 wonderful and busy years. Please visit our web site to order loose leaf teas and see what is in store for us. Thanks for your business!

Recent reviews

    • Louise


      I had been looking forward to visiting this tea room for a while, this seems to be a very popular spot, it was quite busy when we arrived. Being Irish I had to have black tea, my friend had peppermint, there were many varieties to choose from. We ordered scones with clotted cream, which were delicious, but unfortunately there were only enough to have one each, a sign of how busy the day had been. The owner was very engaged with her customers and took the time to chat. Over all I enjoyed my experience and look forward to going back.

    • Cint


      Tea Time at Mrs. Hardesty's was well worth my time. It is priced reasonably and the tea fare is plentiful and delicious. Brenda, my server, was friendly and hospitable. My tea was steeped to perfection and served within four minutes. The scone was moist BUT a fork had to be utilized because it crumbled easily. I took advantage of the bottomless pot. The tea menu presented numerous premium tea choices which I considered a PLUS. I oftentimes take tea by myself, one of the disadvantages has been that I have to get the attention of the hostess and/or server. This time was no exception. Aside from this point I would label my Tea Time as 'Sheer Enjoyment'. I Highly recommend tea time at Mrs. Hardesty's. Do not hesitate to make a tea reservation.

    • rick


      My wife and I frequent numerous tea rooms, and this one is one of the best. Extensive tea selection, tea pots arrive covered in a cozy. The scones are among the best we have had and very fairly priced. You can also purchase loose tes right there.Owners are very accomodating and friendly

    • Lady Roxanne


      On Feb 27, 2010, my friend Nina and I planned on attending an Afternoon Tea at Mrs. Hardesty's! This was my 3rd visit and a great one at that! I printed the coupon from computer and received a FREE SCONE with my pot of tea. Today, I tried the Mrs. Hardesty's Afternoon Tea Blend and it was good! Nina tried the Londonderry Tea and loved it. She had hers with lemon and I had a creme tea with milk! We both had clotted creme with our scones. She had the Cranberry/Orange and I tried the Chocolate Chip, both freshly baked and warm! She had a complimentary cup of Chocolate later and she loved it! We both enjoyed all and took many photos that I have added to this site! We plan on attending tea here at least once a month. Today, we had to buy the WHITE salt and pepper Teapot sets..both have one now to remember the day by and to use at every meal! We enjoyed everyone including sweet Arielle, she was a joy! It was busy on this Saturday and I noticed people came in after the lunch hour and the establishment still served them off the menu, which was very caring and kind. THANK YOU for a great day with my Tea Friend! We shall return as we live not far!! We saw many men there eating too and enjoying the hearty Chicken Pot pies and such! A definite monthly TEA STOP! :-)

    • Bill


      I was the tour escort for The Royal-tea Club's trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Our coach stopped at Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room for Afternoon Tea! What a great find!! The food was delicious and plentiful. The tearoom is lovely and all of the servers were very kind. Margaret (owner) was delightful. She took us on an impromptu walking tour of Harrisonburg's downtown! It was thoroughly enjoyed by our group of 36! Highly recommend this tearoom - great Southern hospitality! Roxanne B.

    • DJL


      Our tea club visited Mrs. Hardesty's on the way to Asheville, NC. We had a wonderful tea in this delightful tearoom. The food was delicious and the staff warm and welcoming. It is attached to the visitor's center and is an interesting place to browse.

    • Lauren


      At a young age I would engage in tea parties with my Mom. My Mom is a coinsurer of tea. Many peoples’ parents start their day with cups of coffee, but my Mom has always started her day and ended her night with a cup of tea. Now that I am older I have inherited my mother’s love for tea and everything that goes along with it. Recently my Mom and Dad came to visit me at school and I made plans to surprise my Mom and take her for lunch and tea at Mrs. Hardesty’s Tea Room. I had made reservations ahead of time; reservations are not required but are recommended. The three of us came in and were seated at a quaint table with lace doilies and fresh cut flowers in the middle of the table. The menu had lunch sandwiches and salad options. The tea list featured 30 teas and the server is knowledgeable in all of them. My Mom put their knowledge to the test and decided on Queen Anne’s tea which has a hint of lavender in it and tastes as wonderful as it smells. We enjoyed fresh backed scones and choose between raspberry, blueberry and chocolate. Naturally we had to try all three options with homemade cream to top off the treat. My Dad, who is a faithful coffee drinker, greatly enjoyed his fill of tea along with the scones. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon. The charmed atmosphere of the tea room let in lots of light because of its many windows and the service was fun and cheerful. It was easy to see that the servers were as passionate about tea as the guests who came to experience. The most important thing about tea time is not only the tea but how and who you enjoys it with and I give two thumbs up to my company, Mom and Dad, and Mrs. Hardesty’s Tea Room is the perfect place to enjoy scones and put your pinky’s up!

    • Jane Moore


      I must admit that when I discovered we would be having lunch at a tea room while visiting relatives in Harrisonburg, I wasn't too thrilled . . . my impression of tea rooms has always been one of 'high society' ~ not my 'cup of tea.' WHAT A DELIGHTFUL AFTERNOON AND EXPERIENCE WE HAD AT MRS. HARDESTY'S TEA ROOM, however! Such a quaint and lovely place to enjoy friendship as well as 'deliciousness!' Everyone was so warm and friendly and though there was much tradition, things were laid back just enough that there was nothing intimidating at all. It was quite obvious that all the customers were enjoying themselves thoroughly. I hated when the time came for us to leave! All I thought about on my two-hour drive home, was what I'll call my own tea room, should I ever have the opportunity to open one in my own city. THANK YOU, Margaret Shifflett, for allowing your dreams to come true!

    • VATealover


      This tea room was one of the best in Virginia, and located in beautiful, and historic Middleburg. I had the opportunity to be their first real tea customers and they truly outdid themselves with the presentation and their own amazing bakery goods. Sadly, Mrs. Hardesty's is now closed due to circumstances out of the owners' control, and they will be greatly missed. I can hope that one day they'll come back.

      Tearoom response:

      Zidel333 Sorry if there is a misunderstanding but Mrs Hardesty's Tea Room in Harrisonburg is still OPENED AND VERY BUSY! I don't know if you have confused us with a tearoom in Middleburg but encourage you to contact teamap.com and let them know if there is a tearoom in that area that has closed. We look forward to seeing you at Mrs Hardesty's in the near future.

    • Molly


      I love this place. It's absolutely wonderful. The scones are warm and fresh, the house salad with the poppy seed dressing is fabulous and their selection of teas is excellent. My girlfriends and I go to Mrs. Hardesty's every opportunity we get! The best part is the scone mix that you can purchase!

    • Denise Littleton, Stanley VA


      I visit Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room as often as I am able when in Harrisonburg. The tea room itself is bustling with indoor and outdoor seating. Inside is small, but sunny and cheerful, and is decorated in a cute teapot theme. The variety of china is fascinating and each place setting is different. The outdoor area is beautifully designed with umbrellas, plantings, nice hardscaping, and a fountain (I think I saw one.). My favorite item on the menu is their 'regular' garden salad, which is not regular in any respect! It has fruit, like strawberries and blueberries, with red onions to complement, and a great homemade raspberry (?) dressing. Add a sandwich and you are stuffed. The Earl Grey Cream Tea is my favorite--but I can't make it at home nearly as well as they do. I normally take home four scones, which come in an array of yummy varieties. The clotted cream is a MUST!! I only wish the single pot of tea was unlimited--I could drink two pots in one sitting!

    • Barb Hilgenberg


      Visited the tea room with my sisters and mother. The ladies were very accomodating and pleasant. The atmosphere was delightful, the scones delicious and the tea marvelous.

    • Sharon


      My friends took me here to celebrate my 40th birthday! I loved it! The elegance made me feel very special! Food was good and tea was wonderful!

    • Sharon Grandle


      I belong to a tea group, and we go all over Virginia and sometimes in Maryland and even Pennsylvania. Mrs. Hardesty's has by far the best scones I've ever had. Irresistable. I just wish the place was a little bigger--they get very busy and I recommend reservations if you come in a group of 3 or more.

    • Jade


      My husband took me here for my birthday. The table setting was lovely and the selection of teas were outstanding. The scones were great as well as the rest of the food. A really quaint tea room.

    • Diane Moore


      Wonderful to have a tea room in Harrisonburg as good as this. Lovely table settings, great food, and delicious tea. Delightful!

    • Rachel Murphy


      When this tea shop opened up in town, I was thrilled. Once I got there I found the largest selection of teas I have seen in a while, as well as great food and fabulous scones.