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Dorset Tea & Coffee

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352 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02481, USA 781-239-8988 Website Owner?

Sun closed Mon 06:00am – 6:00pm Tue 06:00am – 6:00pm Wed 06:00am – 6:00pm Thu 06:00am – 6:00pm Fri 06:00am – 6:00pm Sat 08:00am – 5:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Betty


      This is really a coffee shop that serves tea, not a tearoom. The space is small, more like a cafe and they didn't tell us that there the Dorset is not handicalled accessable and the restrooms are on the second floor. There are only about a half dozen blends of tea to select from. You have to 'order' your Afternoon Tea Service at the counter kind of like you're at Dunkin Donuts then the waitstaff person takes it to your table when it's prepared. You get a long, rectangular white plate and a two-cup pot of tea for close to $20. Four pieces of below average tea sandwiches, a scone that was more like a biscuit, one large and one small cookie, a piece of chocolate and a tiny fruit tart. The fruit tart and cookies were good. The waitperson came over and asked if we wanted more hot water in our pot. Odd, since I would have thought that she'd offer me more TEA. Since this cafe is across from the T-station, I'm sure that they do a nice morning coffee, breakfast and lunch business but to call this a tearoom is misleading.

    • MJ Smythson


      (note that I've tried unsuccessfully to post this review to another site first ... there may be a duplicate) Run by two rather clever sisters who grew up on both sides of the pond, the Dorset café is unlike any other I've been to in the Boston area. I've surprised myself by becoming a 'regular' over the past few months. Each visit has been an exploration into their delicious food – healthful breakfasts, lovely lunches, and exquisite afternoon teas. For those whose tastes are purist-meets-avant garde, this is the place for you. Not too heavy, fussy, or flash-in-the-pan trendy. Everything the sisters produce is with a unique flair reminiscent of London's edgy new restaurant scene, yet is relaxed enough to fit in with the suburban landscape. Soccer mums and businessmen alike rub shoulders in the small intimate area, and everyone seems to clamor for the two tables in the picture windows looking out onto Washington Street. Fourteen varieties of teas are prepared to order in ceramic teapots; the quality is unparalleled, with a selection that changes seasonally. Nothing bewildering or oddly-flavoured such as amaretto or horrifying tapioca pearls in their teas, thankfully. All their teas can be purchased online or at the café by special request. Last week I stopped by to calm my nerves following a visit with my doctor. It was oddly quiet as it was close to closing time: two other tables were enjoying afternoon tea, and a mother was helping her children with their homework at a nearby table. I'd overheard one of the diners mention that her husband changed his morning commute route to stop in to Dorset for coffee and croissants, and she thought he was out the door so early in the morning to head to the gym! Reading up on their media coverage since opening this past summer, it hit me that Dorset being the area's best kept secret won't last. I’m afraid the word will get out and I'll have to book an afternoon tea months in advance! In the meantime, I'll keep saying the very two words I've been saying since my first visit: 'Get there!'

    • Laura


      We had a lovely time and the food is just amazing. I tried their 1881 Rose tea and my friend choose the Holiday 2006 season is Wu Wei, a complex, caffeine-free herbal blend. Harmonizing hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass, lavender, cloves, licorice root, and sweet stevia leaf. You can taste the butter in the scones,so good you want to not waste a single crumb. There are many types of Tea Sets we choose the Duchess Honoring Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who in 1830 spearheaded the ritual of taking afternoon tea - Cup of Soup. Assorted Finger Sandwiches. Scone with Clotted Cream and Preserves or Lemon Curd. Pastry and Cake. Pot of tea served with milk or lemon. The soup of the day was some sort of Tomato Italian soup was just right to start off our tea after walking down town in the brisk weather. We were glad to have made a reservation and plan to make this afternoon tea spot an tradition.

    • Alana Ellison


      On our second visit to the Dorset, we tried the Duchess afternoon tea. Lots of luxurious food appeared before us on a large, rectangular platter. In spite of expecting the traditional tea-on-three-tiers, we loved everything: organic cream of broccoli soup, cute finger sandwiches (the salmon mousse and the ham with apricot are to die for!), yummy scones with REAL clotted cream and strawberry jam, rich chocolate cake to finish. The Earl Grey tea was the best I've tasted, perfectly complimented with steamed milk (on request). My friend visiting from England was impressed with the attention to detail and beautiful presentation, and, although they didn't carry her favorite Lapsang Souchong, she loved the organic green tea pearls. Everything was freshly-made, delicious, and served professionally. We were left alone for the duration of our stay; one of the owners came by to see if everything was to our liking (it was!). The fact that we were allowed to linger for an hour beyond finishing our food without feeling harassed or pressured to leave was a plus, considering that the Dorset is not a traditional tea room, but a cafe that serves afternoon tea. Easy service system (order at the register, food is brought to you), which we caught on quickly. Lots of funky little things catch your eye in the small, European-style space: the menu is printed on wall-mounted glass, beautiful flowers on each table, attractive china and place settings, creative presentation (their iced teas are served in little wine carafes!), and rotating artwork. It's a nice place to be in: calming with classical music played in the background. Our first visit, however, was hectic with LOTS of lunchtime activity and chatting ladies-who-lunch scattered all over the space. Everyone seemed to be having fun (including ourselves), but it was difficult to hear our own conversation sometimes. Overall very tidy, clean, and lovely experience. We plan to come back with the kids for a lazy Saturday breakfast and try that quiche that everyone was raving about ...

    • Jessie


      As tea-lovers, we were eager to try this new shop when we found ourselves in Wellesley for lunch. We appreciated the plain wooden furnishings and delectable citrus lemon scones. Alas, the delightful range of teas available do not make up for the cafeteria-like atmosphere and abrasive service. Although we were waiting at the counter, the proprietor took phone calls before she took our order. Later, when a sandwich contained a different filling from the one we'd requested, she argued with us instead of apologizing. Perhaps it was just a bad day? The afternoon tea menu looked wonderful, but we decided not to go back.