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A Girl's Best Friend/Orleans Tea Room

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4655 Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE 68106, USA 402-991-4958 Website Owner?

Sun closed Mon closed Tue 11:00am – 1:00pm Wed 11:00am – 1:00pm Thu 11:00am – 1:00pm Fri 11:00am – 1:00pm Sat 11:00am – 4:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Roberta


      The food is very minimal and most of it was simply purchased food, not homemade. It is all served on one very small plate. We have visited many tea rooms in the states and overseas and have to say it rated the lowest of them all. It is also not a 'tea room' in the manner that you are probably used to. My hubby and I were looking forward to a romantic afternoon but instead had to share our afternoon with the rest of the group as the tea is 'staged' and requires participation. In fact, we were actually the only couple that got to sit by themselves-the rest had to team up at the different tables (in a very small room).

    • Linda


      I asked about the Entertaiment during the High Tea as being the only option and found out they do have another option with no entertainment.It is called the Mini-Tea. It is the same great food served on tiered silver trays but with no entertainment. The cost is also $2.50 less.

    • Karen


      I was so happy to see that Omaha finally had a place for tea. The Food was excellent, the shop attached was super cute, however I am sad to say I will not go more than once. Why? There was no choice if you wanted the entertainment. One time was enough. The entertainment was all about the education of taking Southern tea. I did not need tea education. I felt like I was at a little girls party. I have traveled far and wide and my favorite thing about having tea is to spend the time conversing with my friends and family. I hope they change how they do the teas otherwise I am afraid they will not have repeat customers, and Omaha will once again be with out a tea room.

    • Joanne


      This was a delightful find. Tea was lovely with finger sandwiches and desserts. The entertainment was a lot of fun. Just the place to go with the girls. To add to the experience the boutique was wonderful and we enjoyed the shopping too.

    • N Byers, Georgia


      Thank y'all for such Southern hospitality 830 miles from home! The tea was the smoothest tea I've ever had and have raved about it since we've been back; the food was very good; and the fellowship wss charming. Service quality and cheer were outstanding, and we feel we made life-long friends. I so wish we lived close enough to have tea here often! I can't wait for a published cookbook. Thanks again for a wonderful Tea.

    • Melinda


      i have now been there five times, in both 2007 and 2008, and it has been good each and every time. it is located in a mix residential and business area. a short drive from the convention center. the exterior is clean but plain. however inside you walk into a rainbow of color. the two front rooms contain clothes, jewlry, purses, fans, hats, etc... for sale. i particular liked the stretch bracelets. the third room, up a couple of stairs and to the left of the entrance, contains the lunch / tea room. lunch is served daily and afternoon tea is by reservation only. the tea choices are severly limited but well made and served in a silver tea set. the full tea was fresh, tasty (i loved the tuna salad, unique flavor) and nicely presented. you are given a choice of tiras to wear, i have my own, and a fan. they gave a lesson in fan etiquite and how to speak southern. after all the tea room has a southern flair is decorated in the new orleans style. the waitree gave some fun entertainment thet i am still smiling about. i enjoyed myself very much and after the first visit i always ordered tea for two and took one back to the hotel. the food was just great whether i had it that night or next morning for breakfast. while i can only get there after an eight hour drive, i live in illinois, i would go again the next time convention is held there and i would recommend it to anyone and i did so at my hotel