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Formosa Art Tea House

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200 E Pecan St #5, Pflugerville, TX 78660, USA 512.989.8678 Website Suggest Changes

Recent reviews

    • Janie Jenkins


      This tea house is a truly extraordinary experience! A lovely escape from the hurried and flustered lifestyle of the average American. It is a hideaway, an oasis, and a healing haven. One is welcomed here individually and personally by the delightful and expert owner, Riva. She dotes individual attention on all customers, and brings everyone to new heights of tea indulgence and experience. Riva's love and respect for the tea embues one with the same appreciation and enjoyment she shares with all. Riva prepares traditional foods and has traditional snacks to complement the teas. As true tealovers know, superior tea and its integration into oneself takes considerable time, and must be supplemented with equally superior foodstuffs. As an extra-special treat, Riva will even serve an extra-special tea - such as her exquisite 'Red Jade' - in her internationally-acclaimed 'Swan' hand-made clay pot! I have been imbibing for over four (4) years, now, and it is an essential for my well-being. Come, you are invited! As Riva says, 'Life is a Cup of Tea, and I would like to share it with You!'

    • Jim T


      A true gem!!! There is nothing like this within a two day's drive of here. It may come as a surprise to many that great teas can be every bit as complex and spellbinding as great wines. The owner of Formosa Art, Riva Chung, has been studying tea for over 25 years. Her experience extracting the most marvellous flavors textures and aromas from teas is unparalleled. While there are offerings such as bubble teas, the real stars are Taiwanese Oolongs! These are arguably some of the finest teas produced by any country. Formosa art is the only teahouse in Texas that serves tea as a Gong Fu service. Gong Fu Cha is the skillful art of preparing tea and this is the soul of this modest teahouse. There are only a handful of teahouses in the U.S. that serve tea this way, most of them on the West Coast. Formosa Art has an intimate, inviting feeling. The proprietress is very warm and willing to teach. For all of these reasons it is one of my favorite places for tea and company.

    • C


      Oh Riva, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! This review is just a rehashing of the others available here. It's a fantastic little shop tucked away in a most unexpected place in Pflugerville (but you know what they say about hole in the walls). Gorgeous Asian artistry and amaaaaazing Asian food, Riva collects someof the best food around! Her herbal blends can't be beat (she makes them herself)! I HIGHLY recommend her Passion blend and the Pilot's Friend. She uses just the right amount of Stevia leaf and Rosemary in her blends to create a truly unique cuppa! P.S. Have the Kung Fu/Gong Fu Tea Ceremony. You won't regret it!

    • Tanya L.


      My favorite teahouse in the Austin area!! Riva, the owner (and tea master) is a wonderfully warm person. If you do not already know how, she will teach you to gong fu your tea. If, like me, you already do this, she can help you refine your technique! You will never meet a stranger there and each night the shop is open there is something going on; poetry, movies, games, etc. If you are a true tea lover, you may get the chance to come on a day she is not open to learn the formal gongfu ceremony. She also teaches classes for Mahjong, Chinese and tea preperation. The shop is tucked back in a corner and doesn't look like much from the outside, but it the most fabulous teahouse in this region!!!

    • Bryan B.


      I had a great time at Formosa. Riva, the lady who runs the shop, is very friendly and knowledgeable. I had never had Gong Fu Cha before and she was happy to show me how. I ended up spending half the day there relaxing and enjoying tea! I recommend this place to both novice and experienced tea drinkers.

    • Darlene


      I went with a fellow tea lover to the Formosa Art Tea House, and had a delightful time. We spent three hours learning to do the Kung Fu Tea Cermony (my first tea ceremony), and had some delicious dumplings. Riva, the owner is very enthusiastic about the tea and her beautiful collection of tea pots, and I learned a lot. I can't wait to go back and try more tea, perhaps try some mah-jong. I woke up this morning making plans to share this wonderful place with my daughter and her best friends (my other daughters!) as well as with my sister and niece - I think they will enjoy this as well. I will definitely be back!

    • The Oracle


      Formosa is a little hard to find, since it is in the back corner of the strip center at Pecan and Railroad, but it is well worth the effort! They have teas you will NEVER find anyplace else, since they have direct access to some farms in Taiwan. The food is varied and tasty, including some unusual snacks and some hearty fare if you are really hungry. Artistry is where they really shine, the owner, Riva, can show you how to prepare Gong Fu Tea, which is like chess, you can learn in minutes, but it takes a lifetime to master. The service is sometimes a one-woman show, but she stays on top of everything and brings top-notch quality of service every time. You will have a hard time finding staff with a greater passion for their product.