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Temptation Tea House

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1 S Moger Ave, Mt Kisco, NY 10549, USA (914) 666-8808 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Nate Levin


      The tea menu is weighted heavily toward bubble tea. That is not something I care for. For my tastes, which run mainly to greens, oolongs and whites, there was only one selection on the menu that looked enticing, and that was their 'premium oolong'. So that was what I ordered and it turned out to be *excellent*. It came in a large yi xing clay pot with a small sipping cup. Truly a delicious and memorable pot of tea. This tea house is also a chinese restaurant with a fairly complete menu. I had three appetizers to go with the tea, and all were very tasty and well done. The room itself is rather dark and not particularly elegant. I have never been to China or Taiwan, but I imagine that this room is pretty close to what one might find over there. As such, it makes a nice break from routine. The prices are not low, but the quality is high enough to justify the cost very well. The service was prompt, flawless and friendly.

    • Sarah


      While they don't sell loose tea, they do have a nice variety of hot and cold teas for eat-in and take-out. It's hard to find good bubble teas outside of NYC (pearls are too squishy or stuck together usually), but Temptation gets it right! The food is also good for a light lunch: salads and dim sum. A really great place to meet up with friends! Oh, and the fountain is huge and weird, which just adds to the whole experience.