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The Orange Blossom Cafe

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3700 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501, USA 951.686.0950 Owner?

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    • Anonymous


      I've been to many tea rooms and I would rate this one as average. The tea is offered in bags on the table which is fine but there isn't much of a selection with most being herbal and green teas. I wouldn't say there is any artistry in the tea preparation as it's just warm water put in a pot and brought to the table. The water was not very hot and as it sits on the table of course it turns cold. I think implementing a tea cozt or a candlelight burner would be helpful. The food was alright but all of the sandwiches were open-faced. The scone was pretty good though and the lemon bar divine. The service was good and the attitude of the servers pleasant but it was also pretty slow. I think with just a few little changes this place is great.