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Zen Tara Tea

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4710 Bethesda Avenue Bethesda, Maryland 20814, United States 301-215-5923 Website Owner?

Sun 09:00am – 7:00pm Mon closed Tue 08:00am – 7:00pm Wed 08:00am – 7:00pm Thu 08:00am – 8:00pm Fri 08:00am – 8:00pm Sat 09:00am – 8:00pm
At a time when many consumers are disappointed in how large corporations and retailers have become impersonal and offer inadequate products and services, we're a tea company run as a 21st century business. Be profitable, just enough. Support the local community we live in. Provide a place where people gather and the means to interact and give back (Zen Tara Tea and our customers have supported international tsunami relief efforts, local cancer patient support services, neighborhood green and recycling programs and other local business partners like our baker and chocolatier, and the artisans who create some of our wonderful accessories. We hope Zen Tara will become your favorite tea shop, in person and online. A visit to our Bethesda, MD shop offers you the opportunity to try our full selection of teas by the cup or teapot, to dine in or to go. In addition to our extensive range of over 100 teas there is also the option of Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company Coffee (regular and decaf), iced teas of the day, tea based smoothies, Thai iced tea, bubble (boba) tea and a variety of pastries & desserts. During lunchtime hours we offer a small selection of sandwiches or sushi. The front section of our shop has small tables and a front window counter with seating. Throughout the shop our packaged teas are on display and can be shopped self-serve or with the advice of the staff. A separate space in the shop with a glass wall houses our Tea Tasting & Blending room where small groups can meet and where monthly tea tasting events are held. The shop is conveniently located for access from throughout the Metro DC region. We are half a block west of Wisconsin Avenue, a major street that travels from northwest DC up through Bethesda and Rockville, MD. For Metro subway transportation, exit the Bethesda Station and walk approximately 3 blocks south along Wisconsin Avenue to Bethesda Avenue. Go to your right on Bethesda Avenue and we are 1/2 block ahead on the left side of the street. From downtown Bethesda, we are one block east of the Barnes & Noble store.

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