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Argo Tea Cafe

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75 University Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA (718) 530-0520 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Nina


      This is like the Starbucks of teas. It might not be the fanciest tea and most of the time it comes prepared - though they have plenty of loose tea for you to blend, mix and buy - but the variety and flavours of their creations are unparalleled. They're the tea drinker's answer to flavoured coffee drinks and I LOVE them for that. Plus they have big tables, plugs and wifi. Best tea chain ever.

    • Bianca Lee


      the best tea and the coziest place I've ever been to. Their big thing are teas blended with different ingredients such as fresh-squeezed lemonade, mint and such. My favorite is of course MojiTea, which is a tea version of Mojito.