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Wing Hop Fung

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727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA 213-626-7200 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Chad


      Another great spot for Tea in LA. As the other reviewer noted, there is no food etc. However, they have the largest selection of Chinese tea's I have ever seen. Also they often stock Stevia leaves, Tinsanes, Tea pots, cups and storage. This is an awesome tea spot and while you are in the area check out Chado Tea House which is very close by.

    • pokute


      It's not a tearoom. It's a place to get down and dirty and do some serious tea buying. There are roughly 200 varieties of tea ranging from 10 pound sacks of restaurant grade jasmine to $300 rare teas and pu-erh bings and tuos. They move a LOT of tea every month and the stuff in the huge glass jars is super fresh, since it's rarely more than a month or two before the jar is empty. I rated Quality/Artistry/Service high so as not to affect the overall rating, but there is no food, no preparation, and the service is limited to sealing tea in a bag with a price tag. They DO let you taste the teas, but their water is foul!

    • debunix


      This isn't a place to go sit with a pot of tea, but a Chinatown herb & tea emporium with all of the tea on the top floor. Jars and bins and boxes and bags of all sorts of chinese teas, and a few japanese and herbal teas too. The variety is staggering, the prices quite varied, and then there are the teawares, most quite inexpensive and highly functional--unless you want the carved jade tea service. The staff's English vocabulary is often limited, but they are happy to help you taste and select some lovely teas. Highly recommended as a place to explore the world of Chinese teas. Entered 'average' re: food offered, but in fact there is no prepared food offered to take with your sample teas. But you can buy plenty of interesting packaged foods and ingredients to make some of your own.