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Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice

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215 S Union St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA 703-683-0856 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • L. H.


      Not a tea house...But a place to purchase tea. Great quality and numerous verities. Knowledgeable and patient staff. Lots of tea paraphernalia. This place belongs in Diagon Alley.

    • Kitkat


      I have visited twiced my first experience was better than the second . The first time it was new for me because I have never been to a tea party and the company I as with was great. The service was good food was good it was a nice experience. Now the second time now that was the deal breaker when we first walked in we were greeted by a woman who was not welcoming to our presence being an African American I felt the look on her face was what A&R you doing here, which I over looked because I brought my God daughter there to experience something I haven't until I was in my 40s. We were told we needed to make reservations. Which we did, I felt was used as a detearant not to return, but I don't let the devil stop me from doing anything, so we returned and there was the same woman greeted us with the same attitude, I looked in the large room and there was a big party of white women in there so I understood why she was acting the way she was, but me being the FREE educated woman I am remember my fore mothers and sisters that have never experience md sitting in the same room with white women having tea. So I picked out my hat walked my proud self into the tea room past the stares and whispers with my guest. Had tea and lite collations and enjoy sharing a first experience with my godchild after which, I started taking pictures and moved over to the other room where the VIP very Ignorant people were and starting asking how they enjoyed the experience there the owner even joined in we had a great time because I don't pay ignorance any mind my objective was to make a memory for my godchild and have a lovely day! So devil you didn't WIn!!!! And yes I will go again Be Ready Ladies, because black money spends just as good ad white money and I demand to be treated with respect. Because the young girls who weren't allow to sit in the same room with white women had have a cup tea......

    • Night Owl


      This is an awesome tea shop, well worth your while to take a drive out. Parking can be tough, but it's well worth it. There are several parking garages nearby, or you can cruise the side streets and look for a spot. Metered spots are usually taken. They have a HUGE variety of loose tea's, including Oolongs, greens, tisanes, mixtures, black, etc. Not much for Pu Ehr's, though. They have all kinds of tea-ware as well, although not a huge selection. I'm quite happy with my purchases so far, which include several Oolongs, a few blacks, and two Yixing teapots! They also have a nice, but mall selection of specialty pre-packaged foods.

    • Katie


      I have been going to this tea shop for several years now. Even though I have moved to a city over an hour away, I still make a point of visiting this shop when I am in the area because I know this kind of place is far and few in between. It has an Europen feel to it and I love their selection of loose leaf teas. In the dozen of times I have been there, I have never had poor service from one of their staff, which is a testimony to their consistency.

    • Joan


      If you want to buy loose tea or a tea pot or other tea or coffee gift items, this is the place to go. It has one of the best selections of tea that I have discovered in my travels. The quality of the tea and the knowledge of the staff of what is there is excellent. They will also custom mix you a special blend. What a luxury.

    • Kellee


      Lots of very different coffee, tea, food, and accessories. There is a lot to look at and it can take you at least two laps around and each time you find something different. Staff is very knowledgeable of all products.

    • Lauren


      This is a wonderful tea shop. It's the kind of place that you could easily overlook until you saw its unassuming sign one day, that seems stuffed with curiosities that have been lying around collecting dust for 50 years while boys play guitar in the corner. In the midst of the clutter, you find an amazing variety of teas, tea utensils, and European junk food. I can't think of a better place in New York, let alone DC.

    • bitchkittie


      This is by far the best place to buy real tea I've found in the DC area. It's such a quaint shop and the store owner and staff (even the teenagers who work there) really know their stuff. I guess the only drawback is they don't really serve brewed tea. It's a shop only, not a tea house. But also little tibits of other interesting stuff, sometimes I buy good balsamic viniger and olive oils there. Plus a good selection of European chocolates, candies and other foodies. The owner also knows his chocolate!

    • Anne


      A wonderful selection of teas and coffee with terrific service from the staff. Very quaint and no lack on options of specialty treats from Holland and other European countries. Can't wait to return!

    • Susie S.


      WONDERFUL PLACE! Sooo much more than tea here! Love the assortment of teapots and pottery items. Great variety of coffees, candies, cookies, and utensils for brewing tea/coffee. People are helpful, patient, and never pushy.

    • Jesse


      I was recommended this tea shop by a friend of mine. Checked it out today and was surprised to see a huge variety of teas. The environment gave out a very nice antiqued, almost European, feeling. The owner was extremely friendly and was willing to communicate with me via paper and pencil due to my deafness. Definitely will go back there soon!

    • Trap and Tina


      A charming old fashioned shop with a cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable staff. Huge selection of teas, both loose leaf and typical store brands. Also a wide range of coffees, candies and useful paraphernalia. It's the kind of place you'll want to return to over and over again, savoring the cozy atmosphere as well as the brews.

    • Deborah


      I went into the shop Thursday to purchase tea for my daughter. I was pleasantly surpriesed to find this lovely quaint shop full of teas & coffee. The owners were so friendly & helpful even when I put them on the phone to speak with my daughter. They even turned me on to tea. I DID NOT DRINK tea, but left with the most arometic tea. This store is a must see!!!!! What a find.

    • David


      . . .simply the best assortment of loose leaf teas in the Northern Virginia area; always fresh and plentiful, and the owner is a treat to talk to at any time.