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  • Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice


    I have visited twiced my first experience was better than the second . The first time it was new for me because I have never been to a tea party and the company I as with was great. The service was good food was good it was a nice experience. Now the second time now that was the deal breaker when we first walked in we were greeted by a woman who was not welcoming to our presence being an African American I felt the look on her face was what A&R you doing here, which I over looked because I brought my God daughter there to experience something I haven't until I was in my 40s. We were told we needed to make reservations. Which we did, I felt was used as a detearant not to return, but I don't let the devil stop me from doing anything, so we returned and there was the same woman greeted us with the same attitude, I looked in the large room and there was a big party of white women in there so I understood why she was acting the way she was, but me being the FREE educated woman I am remember my fore mothers and sisters that have never experience md sitting in the same room with white women having tea. So I picked out my hat walked my proud self into the tea room past the stares and whispers with my guest. Had tea and lite collations and enjoy sharing a first experience with my godchild after which, I started taking pictures and moved over to the other room where the VIP very Ignorant people were and starting asking how they enjoyed the experience there the owner even joined in we had a great time because I don't pay ignorance any mind my objective was to make a memory for my godchild and have a lovely day! So devil you didn't WIn!!!! And yes I will go again Be Ready Ladies, because black money spends just as good ad white money and I demand to be treated with respect. Because the young girls who weren't allow to sit in the same room with white women had have a cup tea......