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The Perennial Tea Room

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1910 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101, USA 206-448-4054 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 09:30am – 6:00pm Mon 09:30am – 6:00pm Tue 09:30am – 6:00pm Wed 09:30am – 6:00pm Thu 09:30am – 6:00pm Fri 09:30am – 6:00pm Sat 09:30am – 6:00pm

From tea cozies to collectible tea pots, from imported English tea bags to estate teas in bulk and tea supplies, the Perennial Tea Room offers teas from around the world and a wide variety of tea supplies.

For over 10 years we have 'served' the tea community of the US, both bricks and mortar from our location in Post Alley, in the Historic Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington and online at

Check us out on Facebook for updates on the latest incoming teas/teawares.

Recent reviews

    • F



      Very nice and the staff are friendly whenever we go. They have a great tea selection and many tea related gifts (such as an adorable fairy tea set for children that I got for my niece!) They don't serve food/tea on the premises, which is very disappointing, but it's a great tea store. The extra earl grey tea is divine.

      Tearoom response:

      Because we have chosen not to be a restaurant we only have pre-wrapped comestibles such as McVities English biscuits, Seattle's Own Shortbread which is locally baked, and we serve cups of tea to sit or to go.

      Thanks for coming in - hope your niece likes the Flower Fairies tea set.


    • P

      Pur-Tea Gal


      Great little find in post alley - best for it's tea pot selections and reasonable pricing! Not much food options to choose from...but darling spot for spring or summertime on the patio front to sip tea in the morning!

    • E

      Emily Higgins


      I was visiting Seattle and was delighted to find this charming tea retail store. They had a nice selection of loose-leaf teas which we were allowed to smell. They did have one kind of tea for us to sample - I would have liked a few more. They had a display of tea pots for sale ranging in styles from Victorian to Asian, along with many books and other tea accessories. The store was very quite and clean, but the workers weren't very helpful. They pretty much stayed behind the counter and didn't say a word to us, help us, or even smile. I was also dissapointed to not find any scone mixes or other 'high tea' goodies.

    • B



      This shop has a lot of tea but as others point out it is stored in glass jars. The staff just let people open jars willy nilly with little guidance or direction. The main focus of the store seems to be teaware and teabags of which they have a nice selection. There are some tables for taking tea there as well.

      Tearoom response:

      Thanks for coming to our shop, William.

      I'm sorry you did not get paid the personal attention you wanted on that visit - actually we make it a point to greet every customer who comes in the door and remind them they can ask if they have questions or need help.

      We do as you mentioned have a great selection of good teabags and teawares.

      We also have a great selection of loose teas and tisanes. We order from about 17 different companies each of whom does something completely different - one for example specializes in small garden China greens.

      Thanks for mentioning the tables. We now brew up any tea in the house when it is not busy.

    • D



      If you want good tea served to you, you'll be disappointed. They have a decent (not excellent) tea selection (in glass jars,yuck) available. However, only limited bagged teas were avilable for service. They informed me they had no way from me to try, sample or purchase a pot of a premium Darjeeling.

      Tearoom response:

      You are correct in that tea in glass jars can be a yuck, but you will notice that ours are kept in a darker place than the rest of the shop and that we have a high turnover of tea in them.

      We actually have a rather good selection of teas including a wide range of prices and types, some you may not find anywhere else in Seattle.

      Bagged teas for tea to go - we currently offer 29 teas from a number of different companies. We also do brewed matcha on request.

      We do not currently choose to brew up any tea in the house since we are not a restaurant and are not staffed as such -we also do not choose to serve our teas barista style, we actually properly brew the four teas of the day in the back of the house with proper time and temperature.

      If there is a particular 'excellent' tea you are looking for do ask, we may actually have the equivalent from a different supplier, or sold under a different name on our shelves.


    • J

      Jennifer Petersen


      I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Perennial Tea Room and I've been baking lavender shortcake ever since ... not that it compares to yours. Excellent tea and I loved every moment that I was there. Thanks for the hospitality.

    • M



      They kept their tea in glass jars -- not very good for storage. They advised me very poorly on preparing the tea, even with the little card they hand out.

      Tearoom response:

      When you enter our store you will notice that our tea department is kept darker than the other parts of the store, and if you ask you will know that the turnover on the jars is high, they are not always filled full especially the greens and oolongs. We stock around 100 teas which is an amount that can be moved quickly so it does not sit around a long time. We also now have instructions very specific to each tea on the package. If we are training a new staff person to talk about steeping tea you are always welcome to ask someone else here.

      Next time you come in please let us know what you were advised and we can respond to whatever was a problem for your steeping.

    • J

      Juli Erwin


      I had the pleasure of stumbling across this tea shop while shopping in Seattle for the day. I found the sales people cheerful, friendly and very knowledgeable about their products. I must have asked a million questions and never heard 'I don't know'. There were different teas offered for tasting and I bought a few to take home. Even though I have been buying my tea online from different sources for years now, I have started purchasing my tea exclusively from The Perennial Tea Room. It is so easy to just call on the phone and order my teas (they do have online ordering also) and they ship them right to my house in just a few days. While true that they do not serve tea with lunch, it is my opinion that they do belong on teamap for those of us who are looking to buy quality teas that are not always available at the other tearooms out there.

    • A



      This is my favorite place to buy tea in Seattle. The staff is unfailingly helpful, courteous and informative

    • C



      I spoke with them on the phone. They do not serve Afternoon Tea. Their focus is a TeaShop selling accessories and a Gift Emporium. They should not be included on this site since they do not actually provide a service of serving tea to customers.

      Tearoom response:

      While we do not serve a formal afternoon tea we do offer a properly brewed selection of teas per day, which may include first flush darjeeling, a white tea, a chance to taste a rare lapsang. Locally baked shortbreads, and English treats are also available.

      In addition to accessories we offer a large selection of teas both popular and rare, tea pots, tea books, cups & saucers, mugs, infusers, all personally chosen by us because we use and like them. Information on how to use each product and how to brew every tea is given to each customer. Gifts of course for tea lovers and their friends are abundant - with focus on functional, elegant, and whimsical.

      So do stop in or visit our website to personally review our selection.

      SUE, co-owner, Perennial Tea Room