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Mullen's Herbal Tea House

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3 Worcester Rd, Barre, MA 01005, USA (978) 355-2157 Website Owner?

Serving over 100 kinds of tea, herbal lunches, homemade desserts, New England's Premier Red Hat Society Tea House.<BR><BR>

Recent reviews

    • Doyle


      Mullen's Teahouse is by far the BEST Teahouse you could ever go to. Their attention to details and creativeness is outstanding. You'll never see such a presentation until you attend a tea and be amazed for your self at what they can do. The place itself has a cozy feel with an elegant look to it that over comes you and makes you never want to leave; I could just sit there for hours drinking my tea and feel like I am at home but only better!!! The people that work there are the best you could ask for, they are amazing, kind, knowledgeable and consistently attending needs of others as well as doing a great job. If there is ever a place to go for tea Mullen's Herbal Teahouse is the place to be!!!!!

      Tearoom response:

      Thank You for writing about our Herbal Tea Lunch. I am delighted you had such a nice time.

    • Amy Bernheisel


      I no longer live in Massachusetts, but was a frequent patron of Mullens when I lived there. After moving away, I can honestly say that I miss Mullens more than anything else about Massachusetts! (Except for my friends, of course... but Mullens has some of those, too.) Judy's artistry with afternoon tea delighted everyone I ever brought there, and has set my own personal standard by which I measure other tea experiences. If only they would open a franchise in Kentucky!! Don't miss out on this wonderful culinary jewel, which is a very lovely drive from Worcester. A bit of a trek, but so very worth it. (If you're reading this - we miss you guys!)

    • Carole H. King


      March 1, 2008, I attended a Pot of Gold's Lucky Leprechaun's Magical Shamrock, Lemon Balm and Lime St. Patrick's Day Tea. We began with refreshihg water filled with lemon slices, lime slices, lemon balm, oranges, pineapple, and mint leaves. Our tea was Irish Breakfast Blend of black tea infused with lemons, lemon balm, and if you were lucky, magical shamrocks to wish on. My favorite sandwich was the tiny corned beef on oatmeal bread with key lime mustard. The hearty cheese dip with crackers and fresh vegetables (carrot coins) was scrumptious. The warm lemon & lime poppyseed scone, served with Devonshire cream and lime curd was heaven! Desserts were outstanding: from a solid chocolate pot dusted with edible gold and a lucky shamrock, to carrot pineapple lime cake with other delicacies in between. Again, another lovely, relaxing tea, with excellent service and incredible food. Our hats are off to Judy and staff!

      Tearoom response:

      We are always so happy to hear you loved the Teas. You are a Devoted Tea lover! Driving all that way in a Snow Storm!We appreciate it.

    • Evelyn


      I attended the Great pumpkin and Magical Marigold Afternoon Tea in October. This was Truly UNBELIEVABLE. I have traveled all over the world and have never experienced anything like it. It was by far the best 5 course afternoon tea I have ever attended. The Presentation was above any thing i have ever experienced or seen. We were all taking pictures of each course. They looked like pictures of fine art, let alone edible. This Tearoom Is just beautiful . A Truly Wonderful experience.

    • christine


      You will never be disappointed at this tea room. A must go to!!!

    • Dee


      Mullen's is a very special tea house. The lady who owns it goes all out to make people comfortable. Her meals and food are very special. I've been to several of her specialty teas. Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day Tea and there was another. A truely wonderful experience. She even makes a fruite salad that she sometimes puts into a tulip. She always has some chocolate for the occasion. It is a must.