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Lady Effie's Tea Parlor

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453 East Adams Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90011-1537, United States 213-749-2204 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 00:00am – 4:00pm Mon closed Tue 00:00am – 4:00pm Wed 00:00am – 4:00pm Thu 00:00am – 4:00pm Fri 00:00am – 4:00pm Sat 00:00am – 4:00pm
A picturesque historical retreat for all you social gathering needs. Perfect for Wedding Parties, Business Groups, Banquets, Church, Club and private Meetings.

Recent reviews

    • paula


      THIS PLACE IS CLOSED !!!!!!!!!! :-(

    • Starr


      This is a converted Juke-joint decorated in photos of the early to mid 1900's. I went to this tea-house several years ago, my first exposure to a tea-house, and the ambience was excellent. A wide variety of teas that we were all encouraged to try (I liked the Tahaitian Vanilla) and amazingly well prepared food. Just remember to mention, when doing the reservation, that you want salmon. They get it fresh! Its just so far from me I can't get any of my friends to go!

    • Brooke


      What kind of tearoom is this? I have never been here' but it loks beautiful.

    • Lisa Wright


      I have had small and large events at Lady Effie's and was totally pleased with everything. The food is fresh and very filing.

    • ann


      The service my party received was poor and the owner became frustrated and rude to some of my guests due to her not properly staffing for the event(s). I will not be returning, ever!!

    • Dawne Wood


      This place is exquisite! The food and tea are amazing!

    • Delana McFarland


      I have found that Lady Effie's Tea Parlor is one of the most unique tea parlors in Los Angeles. The food is made fresh daily and the service is excellent. If you are looking for a place to have tea with a girlfriend, this is the place to go. When you sit down, there is a tea cake and a strawberry on the plate waiting for you. The menu has many different teas -- my teas to choose -- my favorite is the White Peony. The food is brought to your table and there is a lot to eat! This is definitely not a restaurant; so when you go take your time and enjoy the peaceful decor.

    • Gillianne Isabel


      I think this is a unique and the best tea parlor in Los Angeles. The place is very relaxing and the food they serve is fresh and delicious.They have a great tea selection. One of my favorite is the 'tea of love' The owner is the nicest person i ever met. She's so gracious and kind. Will definately go again

    • Lavinia


      If you are looking for a peaceful oasis in the middle of the hectic city where you can sip the most wonderful teas and enjoy good hearted conversation, Lady Effie's is the place. The intimate and personal style, the delicious food and pleasant atmosphere makes this place one of my favorites. I love it!

    • Shell


      I went to this tea parlor in 2005 (thought I already revieiwed it!) I would go back in a heartbeat. The other reviews made me think it was a bad part of town. It's an older area in LA, but I would not call it 'bad'. Like someone else said, it's not a traditional English Tea which is what is charming about it. Vonnie the owner was gracious and my mom and I loved hearing the history of the house. Very cozy, warm, inviting and I would recommend. If you want Buckingham Palace proper high tea, hop on a plane. If you just want to have a relaxing visit and enjoy your friends, Lady Effie's is the place.

    • Nancy Blackburn


      4/06: Be prepared to sign a two page documenmt about needing permission to take pictures! NO SCONES, et al, but a Grandma's recipe sugar cookie served at the beginning (eat dessert first?). An interesting home, rather sparsely furnished where we were upstairs. Server was charming, but I wouldn't go back.

    • Cathy


      I think if you're looking for high tea at Buckingham Palace, book a flight to England or visit an American tea room knockoff. If you want comfort, a private room for a special time with your friends, and the added benefit of a scrumptious tea service, Lady Effie's is for you. Located in an aging neighborhood (can't understand why it was considered bad; my party and I felt perfectly safe) this tea parlour provides a unique experience. There's no parking lot because it's a house. A cozy, beautiful one at that. The tea variety was outstanding and food was delicious--the chicken salad sandwich was to die for--and we felt right at home. Service was slow that day; there was a very large party downstairs and they were running the server ragged. But, once we got served, we felt like the only people there. My friends and I went there to enjoy a leisurely afternoon and thus were not in a rush so it was no problem. Once our filling meal was consumed, we didn't want to leave! I can't wait to take my stepmom, who is an amateur genealogist, there. Each room, which is named after a different beloved relative, was filled with family artifacts. She will love how the staff take the time to share each person's story and what each item meant to them and their immediate family. Lady Effie's provides a relaxing experience with people who are important to you. It's classy--no jeans allowed!--but friendly. It deserves a look.

    • Rose Marie Van Lake


      The inside of this private home is worth a tour by itself. The food, tea and service was excellent.

    • Yolie


      I visited Lady Effie's for the first time last week and was very impressed with the tea, tea cakes (just like Grandma's), food, ambiance and service. Everything was outstanding. The main thing I wish people would understand is that this is not an English 'high tea' type of place. This is a Southern (American) style tea parlor. Don't go with your preconceived notions and expectations. Open your mind as they open the door and you will not be disappointed. If you enjoy being treated with class and grace in a classy and graceful setting full of history and charm, Lady Effie's is your place. You don't want to miss an opportunity like this.

    • DD


      I was rather disappointed in this tea room. The service was beyond poor. The hot water machine was broken and it took over an hour to be served our tea. The owner did not even come up to personally appologize. The scones were disappointing. No jam or clotted cream. The cream for the tea was non dairy creamer in original packagin. Poor presentation. The building was impressive, but the parking situation was poor. Only street parking in a bad part of town.

    • Janet


      It's a beautiful place with very nice and tasteful food. The house and ambience are teriffic. The 'parlor' has historical status and a welcoming warmth. Queen of the Remarkable Red Jays - Hollywood, CA (Red Hat Society)

    • Susan 08/16/05


      Several of my Red Hatfriends had the pleasure of meeting owner Vonnie who has carried on the legacy of her belowed Auntie. We each got to pick our own tea - all the tea pots & cups were a beautiful matching vintage rose pattern. Her Auntie's recipe for Tea cakes were delightful (more like a shortbread vs. traditional scones). The sandwiches were very substandial & tasty. She does serve store-bought mini desserts which was the only disappointment. We loved the experience, Vonnie's warmth and invitation to tour all the rooms. Well worth the drive! God bless you Vonnie for keeping her memories alive.