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Emma's Tea Room

401 Pratt Avenue NE | Huntsville, AL
256-489-5850 | Email | Website | Hours
Emma's Tea Room is located in a historic home in the charming 5-Points neighborhood of Huntsville.
Emma's served lunch Mon-Sat from 10:30-2, and we specialize in special events. We offer Bridal Teas, Bride's Luncheons, Corporate Breakfasts, Elegant Afternoon Tea, Baby Showers, Children's Parties and private dinners.

Local artists display their wares in Emma's creating a unique and pretty atmosphere. The music is soothing and conducive to conversation, the staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful, and the delicious food is served on fine china.

Although this is not a fast-food establishment, service is prompt and efficient. Emma's accepts Visa, Discover, MC and debit cards. Reservations are welcome.

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