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Imperial Tea Court - Berkeley

1511 Shattuck Avenue | Berkeley, CA
510-540-8888 | Email | Website | Hours
Berkeley Teahouse is in the Epicurious Garden walk-through just off Shattuck between Cedar and Vine (upstairs in the back). Select the elegance of our quiet garden seating or the coziness of our interior tearoom.

It is a well known fact that next to plain water, the most popular drink on earth is tea, and we are honored to make many of the world's finest, rarest, and most highly acclaimed teas available to you at our tea houses and here online. It is our privilege to invite you to experience the tradition and artistry of one of life's oldest and most rewarding pleasures - known simply as the way of tea.

The San Francisco Bay Area's world-famous Imperial Tea Court is renowned as an exclusive source for many of the most highly acclaimed and sought-after teas produced today. Magnificently appointed by visiting Chinese craftsmen and opened on the fourth of July, 1993 in Chinatown, Imperial Tea Court represents the life-long commitment to the art and tradition of all aspects of tea of co-founders Grace and Roy Fong. Their mutual love and respect for authentic, hand-crafted Chinese teas (and their difficulty in obtaining them in the United States) led to the initiation of direct relations with tea growers and producers in China and Taiwan, and ultimately to the establishment of Imperial Tea Court.

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