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Patisserie Angelica

6821 Laguna Park Way | Sebastopol, CA
707-827-7998 | Email | Website | Hours
A visit to Patisserie Angelica is a quick trip to Paris! Parisian trained pastry chef Condra Easley with her sister Deborah Morris have created a magical environment for your tea experience. Their "West County High Tea" takes their artisan approach to baking and it shines though in their savories, scones, sandwiches and sweets. All of the accoutrement served are house made, from the raspberry preserves, organic Meyer lmeon curd to the Devonshire cream.
Condra worked in a tea room in Paris and was introduced to the extraordinary Mariage Frere teas 25 years ago! Mariage Frere teas are a perfect match for their pastries.
Tea is served Friday,Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 4 but private parties of 10 or more can be accomodated on other days.
Enjoy this perfect time to relax with friends.

Serving Magical Christmas Tea. Information at

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