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User's reviews

  • High SocieTea House


    I was very disappointed in my visit to this tea house. The place was charming enough, but the owner had to be one of the most rudest service industry person I have ever met. Our server was nice enough. The food and tea was tasty. Someone forgot to make one of our guests order (not sure if it was the server or kitchen person), so she had to wait. When asked about the order again, we were told that it was coming out shortly. Upon the third time asking about it, my guest said that she had to leave soon, and could not wait much longer, so unless it was ready then, to cancel the order. My friend left about 15 minutes after that. The owner came to us and asked who was going to pay for that order. We told her that it was never brought out on time and we told the server to cancel that. The owner told us we would still have to pay. I told the owner that we would not pay for it. Upon leaving, the owner would not allow us to see the bill - she just told us how much each person owed, saying that she split the bill for us so we wouldn't have to. I told her I wanted to see the bill anyway, and she refused. The total was a little higher than I thought it should be so I think she charged us for the order. We didn't want to continue fighting with her, so we all paid and left. It's a shame because this place is very close to where I live and I love going out for tea. There aren't too many tea houses around. Still, I don't think I would visit this place again.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Darlene,

    We were very puzzled ( on several levels) in reading your comments concerning our tea house and would really like to speak to you about it further. You appear very angry or upset in your words (dated 09/06/06), as if you had just left our tea house and posted your comments, however we were closed for the month of August and did not re open until Thursday,

    September 7th. Our teahouse has 3 owners, one which is always on the floor. Our menu is limited in choices, allowing us to serve our meals to our guests in a timely manner. You claim that we argued with you, we would never argue with a guest, it is not the Tea House way. Our customers are treated as honored guests, they are treated as if they were guests in our own homes. If a customer was not given their food in a timely manner, we would never have expected anyone to pay for it, instead we would have apologized and given our guest a gift certificate for a return visit. We never go a table to discuss payment of a bill. When our guests are seated, we welcome them and go over the days menu, explaining that when their visit is over the check would be waiting for them at the counter. Also we would never refuse to show a guest their check. Finally we do not 'split' checks, unless we are asked to do so by our guests.

    As I stated above, we would really love to discuss your visit, kindly call us at 973/696-8327, at your earliest convenience.


  • Tea Hive


    Our party had the most wonderful time at the Tea Hive. The service was of the best I ever had, the staff made you feel very welcome and at home. The tea choices were excellent and the food was superb. I will be here again!