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Allison Blodgett   

User's reviews

  • Steeped In Comfort


    I couldn't believe how rude the people were at Steeped in Comfort. I stopped by with my 5 yr old daughter as a reward for her doing so well in kindergarten. When I opened the door the lady was very rude and told me they were closed and that there was a sign on the door that I should have read before entering. I asked for a brochure with a list of the store hours. The hours are 11 am - 4 pm. It was 3:15. When I asked about this she replied that it was due to a party. Only the back room happened to be occupied. I find their lack of wanting to do business very odd. However, I felt even worse for my very sad, dissapointed daughter. For God's sake, make a hours don't apply at Steeped in Comfort.