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Elizabeth Gravett   

User's reviews

  • Inspirations Tea Room


    We visited the tea house in January and it was wonderful. . . so wonderful that we decided to hold a little girls birthday party at your establishment. We scheduled a couple of months in advance. Needless to say, our waitress, one waitress for 22 people, was rude, she brought our 'iced tea' out initially after she REFUSED to serve us hot tea off the menu and we never saw her again until she brought out our measly serving of food that was not enough, and when we asked for more food we were refused even after our offer to pay extra for more food. We didn't see her again for drink refills of our iced tea or any service (15 min. before our party was up) until we inquired about the birthday cake (in which she forgot) and was she about to refuse that service until another waitress told her we paid for the cake. To top the whole event off, our waitress told one of my guests, (MY GUESTS WHOM I INVITED), that we needed to go pay our ticket. I was extremely embarrased when I heard this. They offered no explanations for the lousy service, the measly meal or the refusal to serve us hot tea. Well, they did tell us they serve one tray for six people even though while leaving we saw a table with six people seated with two trays. That would have been well and good except for the fact that the trays were measly. Our experience in January offered trays that were packed full of fruits (oranges, strawberries, grapes), oodles of quiche, sandwiches of four different varieties and large slices of cheescake on top, many small cakes throughout the tray, including many many scones with lemon custard. Our tray for the birthday party had grapes, three sandwich varieties (enough for maybe two sandwiches a piece for six women), and about 10 of those little 1' X 1' frosted cakes, four chocolate covered strawberries, two cookies and three scones with lemon custard (Mainly the tray was packed with large bunches of grapes to fill the space). I would like to come back again because I loved it the first time and it would be grest to see that these things are made better but I will NEVER hold a party at your establishment again and while I might recommend for a lunch for two I will not recommend you for a party. It was expensive, and while we never once complained about the price even at the register while we paid our party, but we DID NOT get what we paid for not even close.