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User's reviews

  • Cambridge Tea House


    This lovely placed location at the top of a beautiful hill site in Grandview, is graced with an ol'fashioned building. The shop itself is simply layed out and is very English minimalist with simple table service. The staff are polite, energetic and bright and they excel at patience, but are not trained very well in an understanding of tea, outside of the venues offerings. The food is wonderful and traditional in a way to support tea and if truth be known, is the best aspect of the service; artfully prepared and carefully crafted, simple, delicate,and light. The downfall of the establishment is the lack of actual fine tea. The store is indentured to a large tea vendor who sold them their equipment and is leaning against them, should they ever decide to evolve the tea selection. Most of the teas are blended, few are single origin, and none are exceptionally rare or exciting for a person who is much into tea. It would be a vast improvement and a deeper compliment to the food, if it was more established as a 'tea' venue, rather than a 'english-styled' food pantry with tea that would only please the elderly English tastes. They are good people, have a wonderful story (the owners Daughter is the culinary pastry master), and the staff is appropriate. The hours are also strange, as the shop seems to be a gathering spot for many of the older, female crowd from Grandview/Upper Arlington who seem to have time for high-afternoon tea and social service; so the hours cater to that. I hope they can expand their tea and open others to a better tea experience.