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Erika Robertson - Miss Silicon Valley 2013   

User's reviews

  • Lisa's Tea Treasures


    As a self-proclaimed tea addict, I took it upon myself to visit ALL of the tea shops and restaurants that I possibly could. And I have to say, that THIS tea shop is the best that there is. Period! It is SO amazing that I find myself going there, on average, once a week…maybe twice…I actually find myself saving a few dollars here and there on any given day so that I can dine in their wonderful tea room. I have been coming here regularly since 2004 and I still crave their beautiful teas and food. The atmosphere is gorgeous, with their lace, French doors, the wallpaper, and music, and during the holidays it is SPLENDID: filled with decorations and Christmas trees in every room, adorned with ornaments from top to bottom. You are, without a doubt, transported to another world for a few hours. (And I go here to escape the chaos of the “real world” quite often! hahaha!) When you enter the store, you walk into the gift parlor, which is always filled with beautiful jewelry, tea sets, and gifts galore. (Great ideas for birthday, bridal, and baby showers!) The smell of the freshly baked scones is to die for! The staff is pleasant, easy to talk with, and eager to help. The servers are friendly and the service is excellent. They are always dressed nicely (which is more than what I can say about a lot of other tea shops, whose servers wear jeans and t-shirts sometimes!) The presentation at Lisa’s is great. Their uniforms are very cute too and they only add to the feel of the atmosphere! The china on the tables is uniform (tea cups, silverware, plates all match, unlike a lot of other tea shops). The atmosphere is clean and the tables are not crowded like most other tea rooms too. With most tea shops there is a pre-selected variety of food that one is required to settle for that is presented on a three-tiered stand. This is NOT the case with Lisa’s! There is a substantial variety of different tea plates (everything from side scones, to salads, to meals that come with dessert!). The Variety makes it flexible for guests to enjoy their own tastes in food. (And it makes it ideal for sharing different flavors!) The sandwiches are scrumptious, the scones are divine (accompanied with cream and preserves), and as a small appetizer you are offered lovely cookies with the BEST lemon curd that I have ever tasted! (They also sell the curd in their gift store, which is good to know because you are going to want to take at least one jar home with you!) There are 6 full tea plates (and usually one special of the month) that come with your choice of dessert at the end of your meal (not to be confused with the scones that are offered with your meal!). Needless to say, by the end of all of this, you are rolling out of the store, happy, and ready for an afternoon nap. The teas at Lisa’s are by far the best blends that I have had anywhere. I purchase my favorite (loose leaf English Breakfast) from here and nowhere else. I have had all of their teas, and I have to say that NONE of them are lacking in flavor. With most tea rooms, there is such an enormous variety of teas that one is overwhelmed, and the flavor of the teas always seem to lack (very watery, weak, and chalky). At Lisa’s they only use the BEST blends of tea, which ensures the greatest satisfaction for your taste buds. They NEVER use tea bags, but only loose leaf teas grown in India and blended in Germany. Each person is offered an individual pot of tea with their personal flavor and there are unlimited refills! This is not only a place for special occasions, but, for me, it is a frequent dining location. Busy hours are during the weekends, but some weekdays can turn out to be just as busy. (If not, it is a great place to get some quiet time!) Just because it is full of frills and china doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyed on a weekday for a lunch break, too! I hope that more people come to find out that taking a pot of tea in the afternoon can be one of the most relaxing and therapeutic daily rituals. Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell offers the best of the best and I can safely say that it is my favorite place to eat lunch!

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Erika,<BR> You are one of our most frequent tea takers and we always look forward to your visits. We are looking forward to your next visit and hearing about your latest adventures!<BR> <BR> Warm Regards,<BR> Lisa's Tea Treasures