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Erin Peters   

User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    While looking for things to do near the beach, I stumbled across this gem! Who would have thought that amid the golf courses, seafood restaurants, and beach outfitters would be Tea Heaven! I took my mother, my nieces, and my sister-in-law, and we had a lovely time. They had never been to High Tea before and enjoyed the fancy setting very much. I loved the lemon squeezers shaped like birds on the water glasses, perfect for southern ladies cooling off from the humid, noon day weather. I bought two to take home, as well as some of the fancy handkerchiefs they used for napkins (very clever!). My 9 year-old niece loved the kids meal, raving about the Nutella and Fluff sandwich shaped like a heart, but most of all she loved the large chocolate dipped marshmallow. There was a huge selection of tea, plenty of non-caffeinated choices. The food was amazing, light scones that melted in your mouth, perfect little sandwiches with a nice variety of flavors, including the southern classic pimento cheese. They even offered gluten-free scones. My family enjoyed dressing up with the hats and boas available. Mom took home a jar of the salad dressing, my sister-in-law took home some tea, and we all took home wonderful memories!