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impressed Brit (u.k.)   

User's reviews

  • Reynolds Tea Room


    My hubby and I visit Tea Rooms all over the U.S. We were in downtown Annapolis and thought that we would check this place out. It's got a great location I must admit, but as far as serivce, freshness and presantation is concerned Reynolds Tearoom comes up short. None of the china cups and saucers matched. Our tea was luke-warm, and the scones were on the 'crunchy' side. We went during the week, so it was pretty empty. There were only us and another couple in the 'Tea Room section'. We waited about 30-40 minutes just to be served and then another 15-20 miuntes for the bill. The waitress was very unprofessional and unpleasant. Would not reccomend and would not revisit.