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Jan Valego   

User's reviews

  • The Tea Leaf


    Having experienced high noon tea with my sisters in Yarmouthport earlier this year, we decided to take our mom to the #1 teahouse in Massachusetts on Mothers Day weekend for what we thought would be the ultimate tea experience. What a huge disappointment. Having read reviews of warm, friendly, and a very welcoming atmosphere we were taken aback when we were greeted with a very chilling 'Do you have reservations?' as the older woman walked away and disappeared in the back for 10 minutes. When she returned she asked if we had children, which it was obvious we did not. We found the tea and food to be average, nothing to warrant a #1 rating. The atmosphere was claustrophobic and cluttered. When my sister made the reservation she was told that each person would receive a carnation and another little surprise. It wssn't until we were in the parking lot that she remembered that we never received our flowers. We traveled two hours for the ultimate tea experience and had a better time once we got back to my sisters house and she brewed some tea we had purchased at The Tea Leaf. Sorry to say, don't waste your time on this venture. We would also like to know how/who rates these teahouses?

    Tearoom response:

    Good Day Jan,I am so sorry that you and your sisters did not have an enjoyable experience. I mentioned that everyone was supposed to receive a carnation but my waitress forgot to give you one and I did indicate to her that no one was to be left out. Also, each person was to receive a tea bag to take home. When your sister came back we promptly apologized and gave her the carnations and tea. As for your statement regarding 'high noon tea'. We serve Low or Afternoon Tea at the Tea Leaf. The difference being High Tea is an evening or 'Meat Tea' and is served on 'High' (diningroom) tables. Low Tea or Afternoon Tea was typically served in the afternoon on low 'Tea' tables. I have never heard of a high noon tea.