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Janice Harding   

User's reviews

  • Bon Appetit


    The room is pretty and the china and flatware is a nice touch. The entire time that we were there, we were the only clients. They turned away two women because they did not call 1/2 hour in advance for reservations. It was deceiving. This was a major disappointment. The tea menu is extensive, however, descriptions cryptic. When we asked questions about the teas, we were told to read the menu. We were trying to determine if the tea contained flowers or just floral notes. We were told by the hostess, that she had only tasted 3 of the teas ... she is a coffee drinker. The lack of knowledge/enthusiasm regarding their teas was disappointing/appalling. They have no knowledge of the differences between types of teas and the tastes. They can only repeat what is on the menu desciption. We asked to see the Tinderet. The server and hostess thought that it had floweres in it, however the 'floral notes' was just a description of the brighter flavors in the tea. The ginger honey tea was good as was the tinderet. They were properly brewed. The assam could have been stronger. It would have been better if the water had been filtered. The menu gave a choice of soup or salad. Asked what the soups were (lentil and vegetable). Ordered lentil and was later told they only had vegetable. Asked what type of salad they served and was told mixted greens with some carrot. The vegetable soup was primarily flavored with onion. It was visually unappealing. The basic color was brown with overcooked slices of broccoli. Esthetically unappetizing. We asked for a glass of water. As a party of three, we anticipated receiving 3 glasses of water, however, the hostess brought 1 glass of water. It was a pretty glass, however, it would have been nice if we each had one. The salad was just greens with about 7 shreds of carrot on it -- definitely not anything special or appealing. The savorys were brought out and were never identified. One was flavored with olives and the other made with oil packed dark meat tuna (aka catfood). The sandwiches were also lackluster - white bread with cream cheese and cucumer, multigrain with a slice of deli turkey and a thin slice of swiss cheese, and a pastry with a chicken salad that tasted like canned chicken. We were not given a choice of scone (it was a berry with cinnamon). This was the highlight. There was also a small apricot cookie and a petit four and a chocolate covered strawberry. The menu stated that there was clotted cream and lemon curd. The clotted cream for a table of three was about 2 tablespoons. When we asked for the lemon curd, we were told that they didn't have it. People said it was lemony. Tab for a table of 3? A mere $96 for approximately $8 of food that was common and ill prepared. This tea was more like an ill conceived school lunch. It was not a treat. It was robbery.