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  • Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter I


    I have been to the West Side location countless times over the last few years, mainly for the delicious scones (for a while I was going at least once a week), but after dealing with the horrible service and rude staff on a consistent basis week after week(I can only recall one time that a staff member was actually helpful and pleasant), I gave up and haven't returned for the last year. I still crave the scones, but do not go because the stress and aggravation of the rotten service is not worth it.I was thinking of trying the east side location, but after reading the other reviews here, it seems as if it is the same. I notice that the owners of the tearoom respond to these negative notices as just one time bad luck experiences, but they need to realize the bad service is the rule and not the exception here. It is a shame because if they would improve their service and train their staff to be more pleasant this would really be a top-notch wonderful place.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Andrea,

    We are fairly baffled by your review. If you read other reviews on this page, you will see that most of them are favorable and several highlight just how sweet and helpful the staff is. We take these very seriously and don't know how to respond to someone who feels this is a consistent problem when others don't seem to respond this way. Our east side location is still working out the kinks and we have terminated four people this month there in an effort to get this under control, but concerning the west side, we just rarely get complaints about rudeness, and we consistently sned in spotters to give us full reports and feedback. We take all reviews and comments, no matter how casually given, very seriously and hold a weekly staff meeting to address every note from customers. If there is anything we could do to win back your patronage, we would extend that offer to you as we are certain that we continue to address concerns and grow. Would you give us another chance? Please email me at if you would.