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Jessica Bittinger   

User's reviews

  • Calabash Garden Tea Room


    We would like to thank you for having such a lovely tea room. My family travels from Florida and Ohio every summer for a weeks vacation on Ocean Isle Beach. As every year the guys get to have a 'TEE Time' for a round at golf and every year the women wonder what to do....So this year mom decided to have a 'TEA Time' for us girls.As we arrived to the lovely tea room we were asked to try on boas and hats, we had a ball for literally 30mins (atleast) we giggled and took pictures and just had fun.We ate a lovely variety of treats, we loved the scones.Tried 2 of the neat tasting teas they had to offer out of a variety of teas. Before we headed back to house we did stop by the gift shop.What a lovely day and a load of memories for us ladies to share and can't wait till next year for another 'TEA TIME'>THANKS, Mom Bittinger, Jessica,Amy & Sara