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Jessica D.   

User's reviews

  • Tea House on Los Rios


    My best friend and I try to make a tea date once a month. Although I had previously worked in San Juan, I had no idea there was a cute little place like this. The food selection was quite large, and my friend and I are NEVER affraid to order enough food to feed 4 people, and as long as the food tastes good, we don't have a problem splitting an $80 bill between the two of us. This tea room has an average variety of tea choices, but really the food was so very sub-par. I'm ashamed to admitt that nothing that touched my tastebuds was worth eating. The one thing I must comment on is the service....although the servers are all dressed identically, I felt like our particular server had NO IDEA what she was doing. Other girls seemed somewhat knowledgeable regarding the menu selections, however when we asked what the fish-smelling pastry was on our tierstand(which by the way was crab but we were originally told it was oyster custard filling) we recieved a blank stare and a weird response. Either way the server should make ANY patron aware of serving items with seafood in it (as MANY people are allergic to shellfish). In addition to not seeming like she wanted to be there, or like she knew anything about the establishment she was working for, she also had her nose pierced- I'm sorry but this is not indicitive of the strict maid-like attire the servers are required to wear. Also, the other server attending to other tables in our room was chewing gum...that's just plain ridiculous. If we hadn't been able to visit the sweet little petting zoo in the vacinity this tea experience would have been a horrid waste of time and hard earned money.

  • Chado Tea Room


    There must be some confusion as to what a tea room should offer in way of tea/food/service/appearance. Sans the wide tea selection, this restaurant is a disappointment. I'm not picky, and nor was my guest, however we were so sickened by the tea sandwiches and'dessert' that we literally left our food there, pais or $45.00 bill and got out of there as soon as humanly possible. I WILL NEVER VISIT this establishment EVER AGAIN. It should not be rated as a tea room because it IS NOT. As for those patrons who rely on the 'comfort, service, and delish food' you are sorely mistaken, might I even say insane to call this place your tea room of choice! Terrible!!!!! And shame on those of you for mis-leading others !!!!