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User's reviews

  • Country Thyme Tea Room


    Very disappointing. We hired Bonnie as our caterer for our Wedding. Not only was she forgetful when it came to setting the table for the champaign toast but she also handed us a separate bill while we were eating our reception dinner. This bill included items that we had already paid, extra service, ice etc... It also included a 25% tip. There is no way that her service deserved a 25% tip. When we refused to pay she hit my brother-in-law up for the payment while my husband & I were having our first dance. She quickly packed up and left with all of our leftovers immediately after the last person had gone through the buffet line. Not only was she rude to our guest, she was also rude to us from the moment she received our down payment for her services. I would not do any form of business with this woman. She also runs Midtown food bank. She seems very crooked.

    Tearoom response:

    This is far from our normal responses and letters. We have been in the business for 14 yrs.with very positive and rewarding responeses. Also we define all charges prior to services so there are no misunderstandings. The state law prohibits any cater of leaving leftovers for safety sake. Our business handles no alcholic beverages or anything pertaining to it.There are other statements in error in this response also which raises the question if this review is misplaced.